Since 1956, the Weber Group has been designing and building equipment solutions for tough and demanding application needs in the assembly business. From the start, Weber has developed, manufactured and sold technology that connects, demonstrating their creativity and motivation to keep their standards high. For customers, they continue to provide custom-designed and engineered systems of the highest possible quality and better, more innovative solutions.

The basis for this industry-leading automated screwdriving technology is the unique feed head design of Weber screwdriving systems. Weber Group was the first manufacturer in the industry to incorporate a swivel screw feed arm directly into the feed head. The swivel arm holds the next fastener in place, ready to be driven. This method eliminates the time spent waiting for the next fastener to travel all the way from the feed system, naturally reducing the cycle time by an average of 2-3 seconds, significantly improving production capability and the customer’s bottom line.

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