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Servo Drives

Advanced Motion Control servo drives, also known as servo amplifiers, supply current and voltage to a motor in a controlled fashion to achieve the desired motion response. The motion control experts at AMC have been designing, manufacturing, and selling servo drives for over three decades. These amplifiers work with any motor, controller, feedback and application in industries including robotics, AGV, manufacturing, medical, semiconductor, defense and many others.

FlexPro Servo Drives

FlexPro is the new line of premium digital servo drives from Advanced Motion Controls, designed to expand the capabilities of the product selection in terms of performance, power density, and flexibility. The first drive in the FlexPro family, the FE060-25-EM PCB-mount servo drive with IMPACT architecture, offers full tuning control of all servo loops and is designed for distributed or centralized servo systems. This servo drive utilizes EtherCAT communication and is commissioned via a USB interface. FlexPro drives are designed to operate within a network, but like previous digital drives, they can also operate stand-alone via stored indexes and sequences with I/O. They’re capable of running brushed, brushless, stepper and linear motors.

The FE060-25-EM and the FlexPro family are made possible by AMC’s new Integrated Motion Platform and Control Technology (IMPACT) architecture, which allows FlexPro drives to fit into tight spaces and still deliver the impressive power and performance to robot joints, AGV traction wheels or any other application. The IMPACT architecture allows for higher power densities than ever before while still maintaining the reliability and versatility of our established drive families. In addition, the advanced processing and storage capabilities ensure that drives with IMPACT are more intelligent and operationally flexible than ever before.

DigiFlex Performance Drives

The family of DigiFlex Performance servo drives provide a wide range of options for servo system solutions. DigiFlex Performance drives deliver peak power output up to 27.4kW, and support an array of feedback options. Driving three phase brushless (servo, closed loop vector, closed loop stepper) and single phase (brushed, voice coil, inductive load) motors with the ability to interface with both digital network commands and traditional ±10V analog commands, these drives offer a versatile blend of cutting edge technology and proven results. Configuration is achieved with a PC and DriveWare, and once configured the type of control is flexible to the user.

AxCent Servo Amplifiers

The AxCent family provides unparalleled benefits in both simplicity and performance. The AxCent product platform encompasses AMC’s non-digital architecture servo drives, including panel mount, PCB mount and vehicle mount servo drives. Drive setup and operation do not require computer hardware or software, and achieve higher bandwidth and faster response times at a lower cost. The quick response and high bandwidth of AxCent servo drive designs are targeted for centralized control schemes. The AxCent platform brings improvements to the design architecture that use years of experience in the industry and the latest advancements in modern servo system design.

M/V Series Vehicle Mount Motor Controllers

M/V series motor controllers are fully functional, four-quadrant drives designed and built to operate today’s modern mobile electric vehicular platforms. Packaged in a compact and rugged IP65 case, M/V series motor controllers provide high power from battery supplies for either permanent magnet brushed or brushless motors. Whether for traction/propulsion, steering, lifting, or any other electrically driven actuation, the unmatched power density, high efficiency, low weight, built-in regen and cool thermal operation of M/V series motor controllers provide optimum performance for mobile electric vehicular applications. The drives are completely dust tight and protected from water jets sprayed from any direction.

Extended Environment Servo Drives

AMC’s Extended Environment products are designed to operate under harsh thermal and mechanical extremes. An expanded thermal operating range allows these drives to function in both hot and cold ambient environments, and enhanced protection against shock and vibration provides additional system ruggedness. Extended Environment drives also afford benefits for applications in more docile conditions. The superior thermal capabilities reduce or eliminate the need for cooling systems such as external heat sinks and fans, enabling system designs to be more compact and to improve overall reliability.

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Advanced Motion Controls Servo Drives