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Industrial Monitors

Advantech industrial monitors, from touch screen to capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen, provide industrial-grade LED LCD, high IP-rated bezel and wide temperature operation. These monitors are designed to provide quality-assured, rugged display solutions at an affordable price.

FPM-200 Series Industrial Monitors

Advantech’s FPM-200 monitors, featuring an industrial-grade design with an IP66 rating for ingress protection, can withstand operation in a wide range of environments. Moreover, the widescreen true-flat panel with PCAP touch control is extremely durable and enables simple intuitive operation for an exceptional usage experience.

Aimed at industrial and IoT applications, the FPM-200 series are true-flat LCD monitors that feature an IP66-rated front panel for protection from water and dust ingress. This ensures they can withstand rigorous cleaning using high-pressure water jets, making them ideal for environments with harsh operating conditions. Designed with the same slim, compact form factor as Advantech’s TPC touch panel computers for easy integration, FPM-200 monitors are equipped with 10-point multi-touch control functionality to offer a more lightweight display solution that can be conveniently operated.

Furthermore, the display’s 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio provides a 40% increased viewing area compared to traditional 4:3 aspect ratio displays, thereby enhancing the overall visualization of information. Regarding installation, like all of Advantech’s flat-panel displays, FPM-200 monitors can support various mount options, including panel,  desktop, and VESA mounting, to ensure easy deployment in diverse environments. Overall, the FPM-200 offers the best price-performance ratio for a reliable industrial-grade, touch-controlled display solution that can support a wide range of industrial and IoT-related applications.

FPM-7000 Series True-Flat Monitors

FPM-7000 monitors feature an elegant, slim design and true-flat P-CAP touchscreen that supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and are also IP66 rated for water and dust resistance to enable easy cleaning. These monitors are designed for intuitive operation in industrial environments such as smart factory and machine auto automation applications. They include various mounting methods for users to apply into the system or adapt to the environment easily.

FPM-3000G & FPM-5000G Series Rugged Monitors

FPM-3000G and FPM-5000G monitors feature a rugged design that includes a hard anodized aluminum coating, stainless steel chassis and wide operating temperature range (-20 to 60 C). Also equipped with five-wire resistive touch control and overall ground isolation protection, the FPM-3000G/5000G offer enhanced reliability for industrial display applications. They present ample display areas, vivid and sharp images, and user-defined settings to adjust screen images.

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Advantech Industrial Monitors