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Distributed I/O

Balluff IO-Link is a powerful standard (IEC 61131-9) for setting up intelligent solutions for industrial automation. The digital interface is a fieldbus-neutral, point-to-point distributed I/O connection. It is the first globally standardized distributed IO that communicates from the controller down to the lowest automation level and integrates sensors as well as actuators at the fieldbus level.

Intelligently combining industrial networks with the IO-Link communication standard is the ideal solution for ever faster, more flexible, more efficient and more adaptable production. It provides a powerful infrastructure for reliably managing the growing volume of data, transporting data through the entire manufacturing process and achieving seamless communication from the intelligent sensor up to the internet.

Balluff has an extensive range of IO-Link products from IO-Link ready sensors to master, slave and I/O hubs. IO-Link is not a fieldbus; rather it’s a connection technology for three-wire sensors and digital I/O.

With a maximum of 240 sensors on one 8-port master I/O block, IO-Link simplifies wiring, reducing costs 15%-60%. Master block fieldbus communications support all major networks including Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFInet, PROFIbus, EtherCAT, CC-Link and CC-Link IE Field.

IO-Link can be used universally

The interface communicates from the controller down to the lowest automation level and can be connected with nearly any fieldbus system. Only a standard cable and a standardized port with M5, M8 or M12 connectors are needed. Furthermore, using IO-Link, sensors can be built in directly at the location of operation, where they are optimally placed in terms of technical aspects of the process.

IO-Link is an intelligent enabler of technology

The standard enables the exchange of process data, service data and events. In doing so, IO-Link offers the possibility of saving parameter data directly in the IO-Link master. That gives the advantage of allowing the saved information to be automatically taken over during a device exchange. Thus, parameter data for a new, identical replacement device can be used easily, saving time and reducing errors.

IO-Link is simple

IO-Link distributed I/O makes the installation and the exchange of new devices easier and guarantees error-free data transfer. Each device has an IODD (IO Device Description), where information on the manufacturer, the article number or the function is saved and is clearly readable. The clear classification enables easy parameterization, error analysis and process oversight, all of which is also possible from mobile end devices, regardless of location. The accessibility of the sensors no longer plays a role thanks to IO-Link. The relevant information is saved and can be called up at a central location in the controller.

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Balluff IO-Link Distributed I/O