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Temperature Sensors

Continuous monitoring of process media on machines and equipment contributes greatly to process security. Values that need to be maintained are pressure, level and temperature. Balluff’s BFT series of media-contacting temperature sensors can detect process temperatures continuously and/or with a switching response.

Critical process conditions such as a temperature limit can be controlled directly via the switching output. Monitoring the temperature within the hydraulic loop guarantees correct fluid viscosity and thereby the best machine performance. An analog output provides continuous measurement results.

Balluff temperature sensing products also stand out when it comes to monitoring the cooling water, lubricants and compressed air, making them ideal for a variety of applications.


  • Temperature measurement directly in liquid or gaseous media
  • Available with or without rotatable display
  • Rugged M12 connector for ease of integration
  • Interfaces – analog signals and switching points
  • High vibration resistance
  • Flexible installation and convenient operation
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Balluff BFT Temperature Sensors