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Color Sensors

Banner Engineering color sensors provides reliable color verification across the entire range of the sensor, even in extremely challenging color/contrast-based applications. True color sensors accurately analyze color to color, or varying intensities of one color.

QCM50 Color Sensors

QCM50 can detect up to 12 colors with one device, which saves inventory costs and enables faster changeover. QCM50 color sensors precisely verify slight variations in target color at all distances within the sensing range (from 18 mm to 150 mm, depending on the model). The white LED allows the QCM50 to detect a wide variety of targets—including dark, multicolored, and reflective surfaces—that are challenging to traditional sensors.  Color sensitivity is adjustable to meet the application’s tolerance requirements.


  • Reliable color detection across the entire range of the sensor
  • Up to 12 colors can be detected with one sensor, which saves inventory costs and enables faster changeover
  • Available in an anti-glare model to reliably detect reflective targets
  • Intuitive configuration with integrated LCD display and on-board buttons
  • IO-Link communication for remote configuration and monitoring
  • Rugged metal housing rated IP67 and IP69 for reliable, low-maintenance operation in harsh, washdown conditions

Available Models:

  • Long-range models (up to 150 mm)
  • Small spot models (4 x 4 mm spot at 40 mm) for very small targets like registration marks or specific colors on a varied background
  • An anti-glare model to reliably differentiate reflective surfaces such as packaging tape or foil


  • Product differentiation
  • Color verification, including confirmation of correct shade
  • Automotive component inspections verifying color and material
  • Distinguishing between polished and non-polished metal surfaces
  • Detecting clear or translucent film on a reflective background, and other applications with mixed materials and minimal color differences
  • Lid or label inspection

The QC50 Series features easy-to-set programming for one, two or three colors. They are available in two versions for application flexibility: QC50 models for most applications and QCX50 models for more challenging applications such as differentiating dark blue from black.

  • Accurately analyzes and compares color to color, or varying intensities of one color
  • Features easy-to-set push-button programming options for one, two or three colors
  • Delivers fast sensing with a response time of 335 microsecond for the QC50 and selectable 1 or 5 milliseconds for the QCX50
  • Features compact, self-contained design
  • Includes three programming parameters: channel, sensing mode and tolerance level
  • Available in models with three NPN or three PNP outputs, one for each color channel
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Banner Engineering QCM50 Color Sensors