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Wireless Solutions Kits

Wireless Solutions Kits are fully integrated and easy-to-use solutions for monitoring assets and solving specific applications. They are designed to make it easy for users of any experience level to set up a wireless network, collect remote data and create visualization tools, warnings and alarms.

  • No programming is required: Plug in the box, bind the nodes through the HMI screen, install the sensors and nodes, and start collecting data
  • Includes pre-programmed DXM700 wireless controller, pre-programmed 25.5 cm (10.1 inch) touchscreen HMI, and 5-port industrial Ethernet switch
  • HMI provides graphical displays of collected data, baselines, thresholds, warnings, and alarms
  • Access raw data right on the HMI or via the cloud from any network accessible location
  • View up to 7 days of data history on HMI screen and archive over 30 days of logged data in CSV files
  • Increase productivity by using warnings and alarms to quickly identify and resolve potential issues

These easy-to-use asset and equipment monitoring solutions now offer increased processing power and memory and can monitor more assets and be used for even more applications.

Increased processing power and memory: All Wireless Solutions Kits now include the recently released DXM700. This powerful wireless controller provides three times faster processing speed and eight times more memory than the DXM100 it replaces. Part numbers and list price for the kits will remain the same.

Support for more nodes: Wireless Solutions Kits for vibration monitoring now support an additional 24 wireless sensor nodes, making it possible for users to monitor and collect data from up to 40 remote assets with rotating motion.

More options for analog input: The Wireless Solutions Kit for tank monitoring will now accept an analog input from any sensor, enabling use with a wider range of tanks. For example, a QT50U ultrasonic sensor paired with a Performance Series P1 node would be able to monitor content levels up to 8 m (26.25 ft) from the sensor.

For more information on Wireless Solutions Kits from Banner Engineering, as well as how Power Motion can help, please contact us. We have locations in St. Louis, Kansas City and Little Rock, providing distributor and automation solutions services for Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Southern Illinois, Southern and Western Iowa, Northern Louisiana, Eastern Oklahoma and Northeast Texas. Not all products available in all areas.

Banner Engineering Wireless Solutions Kits