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    Industrial LED Lights

Industrial LED Lights

Banner Engineering’s industrial LED lights are high-quality and energy-efficient lights that provide years of maintenance-free operation, with no bulb or ballast changes required throughout the lifespan of the device. Robust, vibration-resistant housings and sleek designs make Banner’s LED lighting products ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including machine lighting, enclosure lighting, visual inspection illumination and work cell lighting.

  • WLS15 Low Profile, Low Power LED Strip Light
  • WLB32 Adjustable LED Workstation Light
  • WLS28-2 Versatile, All-Purpose LED Strip Light
  • WLS27 Shatterproof LED Light for Harsh Environments
  • WL50-2 Low Power LED Work Light
  • WLB32 Adjustable LED Workstation Light
  • HLS27 Series Bright LED Strip Light for Hazardous Locations
  • WLC60 Heavy Duty LED Strip Light
  • WLH60 High Temperature LED Strip Light
  • WLC90 Heavy Duty LED Work Light for High Temperatures
  • WLA Series LED Area Light for Industrial Work Cells
  • WLB72 Basic Series LED Strip Light for Work Areas
  • WL50S Sealed LED Spotlight for Task Lighting
  • WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS
  • WLS28-2 Series Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS
  • WLS15 Dual-Color LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS

LED Strip Lights

Multicolor LED strip lights from Banner Engineering offer high-quality lighting, low-maintenance operation, robust housings built for industrial use, and a variety of styles to suit any application, from harsh environments to hazardous locations to tight spaces. These multicolor LED lights offer a variety of benefits for manufacturing facilities and can be used to: 

  • Provide high-visibility status indication 
  • Combine illumination and indication capabilities into a single device
  • Create contrast for visual inspections and machine vision applications
  • Illuminate photosensitive applications where white light is not an option

Multicolor LED strip lights from Banner Engineering offer high quality lighting, long-lasting low maintenance operation, robust housings built for industrial use, and a variety of styles to suit any application, from harsh environments to hazardous locations to tight spaces.

Programmable Strip Lights

Banner is expanding its offering of the WLS27 Series strip light to include programmable models with RGBW LEDs for use in indication, illumination and inspection applications. These new models will be programmable with Banner’s Pro Editor software or IO-Link communication. Banner’s Pro Editor software allows users to program device status, colors and animations for control via three discrete inputs. The application-based interface makes it easy to configure a light for a wide range of applications such as displaying machine warm-up time, indicating unique steps in an assembly process, showing distance and position information, and communicating multiple machine states. IO-Link enables users to change device parameters from the control system as needed, such as during product changeover, which reduces downtime and allows machines to accommodate greater product diversity.

The WLS27 Pro Series  can be used in numerous applications across industries with its quality white light, sealed, chemical resistant housing, and a wide variety of colors and animation possibilities. The bright, high-quality light of the WLS27 Pro makes it a great illumination product with clean, flicker-free white and a total of nineteen colors, thirteen colors plus six whites. The rugged IP69K design provides reliable indication in harsh washdown, machining and outdoor environments.

Inspection LED Light Bars

Banner’s WLB72 Inspection is a bright LED light bar that features an even light output for a no-glare glow. This light bar uses advanced LED technology to provide a high-quality and maintenance-free industrial lighting solution. The unique lensing provides a dark-to-light-to-dark transition on a vehicle surface suitable for detailed inspection tasks. Target applications include inspection lighting, assembly line inspection for surface inspection and offline inspection stations.

The WLB72 Inspection is a high-efficacy task light used to reduce energy expenses in industrial work areas. The bright, uniform output of the WLB72 reduces shadows, improves visibility and gives workers the light they need to work efficiently and without making mistakes. While diffuse-even light can hide objects, the focused beam of the WLB72 enables workers to see contrast. The bright, focused white light of the WLB72 Inspection improves worker productivity and has a low cost of ownership. The WLB72 Inspection has powder-coat finish for increased durability and is ideal for industrial applications because it is rated for shock and vibration. All models of the WLB72 Series are cascadable, simplifying installation and wiring for additional ease-of-use.

Control Panel & Enclosure Industrial LED Lights

Control cabinet and enclosure lighting solutions from Banner Engineering provide bright LED illumination in a compact, low-profile design, ideal for use in tight and confined areas. In-cabinet lighting reduces the need to carry a flashlight for hands-free illumination. In addition, a variety of form factors, cascadable models, AC or DC powered versions, and a broad range of mounting brackets offer versatility and simplify installation. Available with magnetic mounts for simple installation.  

Machine & Equipment Lights

Well-lit machines and equipment are easier to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain. Bright, even machine lighting allows operators to monitor processes effectively and see clearly when troubleshooting, refilling material, or completing other manual tasks. Machine and equipment LED lights from Banner Engineering are built to last in harsh environments and provide years of bright, maintenance-free illumination.

Assembly & Workstation Lights

Banner Engineering offers a wide variety of lighting solutions for workbenches, manual assembly stations and visual inspection stations. Their workstation and area lighting devices provide bright LED illumination and feature intensity control options that allow operators to adjust light level and switch the light off when they are done. The bright, even light output with no hot spots increases worker productivity, improves ergonomics and provides illumination exactly where needed. 

Heavy Duty LED Lights

Heavy duty LED lights from Banner Engineering withstand the most punishing industrial environments and provide years of reliable, long-lasting and low-maintenance illumination. Banner’s portfolio of heavy duty lights includes products suitable for use in washdown environments, hazardous locations and high temperature applications. They offer a variety of waterproof devices that are resistant to common cleaning chemicals, as well as products that are resistant to cutting oils and fluids.

For more information on Industrial LED Lights from Banner Engineering, as well as how Power Motion can help, please contact us. We have locations in St. Louis, Kansas City and Little Rock, providing distributor and automation solutions services for Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Southern Illinois, Southern and Western Iowa, Northern Louisiana, Eastern Oklahoma and Northeast Texas. Not all products available in all areas.

Banner Engineering Industrial LED Lights