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Radar Sensors

Banner Engineering radar sensors use radar to reliably detect moving or stationary targets, including cars, trains, trucks and cargo, in extreme weather conditions. Radar-based sensors are also ideal for collision avoidance on board mobile equipment such as reach stackers, forklifts and mining vehicles, or port machineries such as carriers, handlers and shippers.

Q130R Radar Sensors with Graphical User Interface

Q130R radar sensors offer a graphical user interface for precise control and visibility into sensor settings and provide reliable detection of moving and stationary targets in harsh outdoor conditions and at a lower lifetime cost than competing technologies. The GUI makes the sensor easy to set up and provides precise control of sensor settings. Models are available with 90° x 76° or 24° x 50° beam patterns to meet the requirements of a variety of vehicle detection and collision avoidance applications.

Q130R radar sensors are an ideal solution for a wide variety of vehicle detection and collision avoidance applications, including:
  • Vehicle detection for cars, trucks, cranes, trains, airplanes and cargo
  • Single-zone collision avoidance for mobile equipment including mining vehicles, forklifts, stackers and cranes
  • Loading dock monitoring and vehicle counting
  • Parking, entry/exit and drive-through vehicle detection


  • Greater control and visibility
  • Dependable in harsh environments
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • High performance at close ranges

Q240R radar sensors reliably detect objects within a narrow beam pattern from up to 100 meters away in all weather conditions and are available in discrete and analog models. FMCW (true-presence) radar detects moving and stationary objects, and the narrow beam pattern reliably detects distant targets up to 100 (328 ft) meters away without detecting adjacent objects. Dual discrete output models can be used to create two independent, adjustable sensing zones. Analog output models are capable of providing location information and can be used to track objects.

This high-sensitivity radar sensor is ideal for collision avoidance on mobile equipment like reach stackers, forklifts and mining vehicles. Fourth generation FMCW (true-presence) radar detects moving and stationary objects with higher sensitivity and longer range. The adjustable sensing field ignores objects beyond the setpoint. Sensing functions are unaffected by wind, falling rain or snow, fog, humidity, air temperatures or light. The rugged IP67 housing withstands harsh environments.

Q120R sensors feature a narrow beam and high sensitivity for detecting moving or stationary targets, unaffected by ambient weather. Single sensing zone models have a 12 m range, and dual sensing zone models have a 40 m range. The Q120R Series includes easy setup and configuration of range, sensitivity and output with simple DIP switches. The sensor operates in industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) telecommunication band with no special license required.

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Banner Q130R Radar Sensors