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Safety Switches

Banner Engineering safety switches monitor doors, gates and other movable physical guards that separate personnel from a hazard, sending a signal to the machine control system if the guard is opened, removed or out of position.

Non-Contact Door and Gate Sensing Switches

Non-contact safety switches work in easy-to-deploy pairs where a coded switch mounted on a frame detects the presence or absence of an actuator mounted on a door or other mechanical guard.
  • Two-piece design where sensor and actuator do not contact
  • Accommodating to misalignment
  • IP69 solutions available
  • Available with the highest level of tamper resistance
  • Available in cable or quick disconnect (QD) models

Hinge Safety Switches

Hinge safety interlock switches combine switch and actuator in one device that mounts to a hinged door, flap, or similar guard and triggers an output when the actuator reaches a user-defined switching point.
  • Three types available: load-bearing hinge, hinged lever and rotating hinge.
  • Safety switching point can be set anywhere within 0-270° operating range on some styles
  • One-piece switch eliminates need for alignment, engagement and risk of breakage of a separate actuator
  • Design meets positive opening requirements for safety interlocks

Mechanical Door and Gate Sensing Switches

Mechanical door and gate sensing switches consist of an actuator mounted to a movable machine guard aligned with a switch mounted to the machine. The actuator must be inserted into the switch for the machine to operate.

  • Flexible actuator options for misalignment
  • Rotatable heads for flexible installation
  • Mechanically coded actuators minimize tampering
  • Up to 15N latching force to reduce downtime due to vibrating doors

Guard Locking Safety Switches

Guard locking safety switches include a machine mounted switch and a guard mounted actuator that prevent access to an area by remaining locked together until the hazardous motion has come to a complete stop.

  • Achieves Cat 4, PL e, or SIL CL 3 safety ratings with a single switch deployed on a guard
  • Mechanically coded actuators use two independent operating elements, making it difficult to bypass safety functions
  • Rotating head requires little or no tool use to adjust to one of four positions
  • Can be used to prevent access to a hazard, ensure critical processes are not interrupted, or secure material and equipment from theft or tampering
  • Once locked, a machine guard door will not open, eliminating an opportunity for nuisance trips, even if exposed to frequent impact or prolonged vibration
  • IP67-rated safety devices that resist dust, dirt, and some exposure to water and similar environmental challenges
  • Design meets positive opening requirements for safety interlocks
  • Available in power-to-lock and power-to-unlock models with rigid and flexible in-line actuators and a wide range of solenoid voltages
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Banner Engineering Safety Switches