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Wireless Sensors

Banner’s wireless sensors and nodes allow quick remote monitoring and diagnosis of systems, which reduces downtime, increases productivity and provides data to optimize operations. These sensors are easy to install and set up, eliminate expensive cable runs and can integrate machines that were not previously network capable.

QM30VT Series vibration and temperature sensors offer exceptional levels of accuracy to detect even slight changes in machine health and performance, enabling early identification of potential problems. QM30VT Series sensors have a low-profile design and rigid metal construction that reduces resonant interference and increases surface contact, allowing exceptional levels of accuracy in measuring RMS velocity and temperature. These sensors detect potential problems on motors, fans, pumps, and any machine with rotating motion or vibration.

Sure Cross Q45 photoelectric sensors combine a sensor, a wireless node and an internal battery in a single device, making it easy to solve challenging factory applications or add sensing to existing industrial systems. These sensors are truly self-contained with no need for cables, cord sets, or external power. Designed for fast installation and ease of changeovers, they offer up to two years of battery life.

The Performance Series all-in-one pressure sensor and wireless node makes it easy to monitor critical pressure levels on systems and equipment in remote and hard-to-access locations without the hassle and expense of installing, altering or expanding wired infrastructure to connect devices. The compact, one-piece design simplifies installation and eliminates the need for ordering multiple components. This sensor integrates easily in applications where infrastructure, movement or mobility make wired solutions impractical, ineffective or cost-prohibitive.

Sure Cross temperature and humidity sensors work in a variety of environments to provide temperature and humidity measurements. Used with Sure Cross wireless radios, these sensors make it easy to monitor environmental conditions without costly wiring runs to monitoring points. These sensors achieve humidity accuracy of ±2% relative humidity and temperature accuracy of ±0.3°C. They are manufactured with a robust metal housing and shipped with an aluminum grill filter cap. An optional stainless steel 10-micrometer sintered filter is available separately.

The Sure Cross U-GAGE K50U ultrasonic sensor works in a variety of environments to provide a measurement of the distance between the target and the sensor. This sensor is designed as a cost-effective, easy-to-use wireless solution for monitoring mobile or remote tanks and totes. Standard-range models (300-3000 mm sensing range) are well suited for measuring and monitoring content levels in a broad range of applications. Short-range models (100-1000 mm sensing range) offer greater measurement precision in small containers and space-constrained deployments.

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