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Industrial Control Systems

The Bedrock OSA Remote offers the world’s most capable, rugged and secure industrial control systems that fit any budget. Secure OSA Remote brings the full suite of Bedrock’s Open Secure Automation (OSA) to remote applications. The ultimate IIoT Gateway, each OSA Remote is equipped with 30 security technologies to intrinsically secure the edge to the cloud. The R10 models provide ten universal, secure remote input/output channels while the R20 models expand the input/output channel capacity with an additional 10 channels for a full 20 channels of universal, channel isolated and secure remote input/output.


  • Bedrock OSA: Unmatched performance, scalability and cyber security from small and simple applications to your largest and most complex control requirements. Universal I/O is software configurable and secured on a pin-less electromagnetic backplane.
  • Bedrock OSA Remote: The world’s most capable, rugged and secure industrial control system that fits in a hand and just about any budget.
  • Bedrock OSA Power: The world’s most intelligent, rugged and secure industrial power supplies that work just about anywhere.
  • Bedrock OSA Proxy: The easiest and most affordable way to bring the power of PKI authentication to secure legacy controls.


  • Free IDE software tools to develop, innovate and test provided with unlimited seats and unlimited tags.
  • Free embedded simulation and online training that is intuitive and simple to learn.
  • Channel isolated, universal input/output for any field device.
  • Operating temperature range -40 to +80 °C.
  • Supplied direct termination plug headers allow field wiring to terminate on the module or use Bedrock’s Universal I/O Cable for the ultimate in field termination and enclosure design.
  • Controller update time that rivals or betters today’s SCADA, PLC or DCS.
  • Software configurable contactor debounce time eliminates false trips.
  • Electronic fusing reduces or eliminates additional marshalling requirements.
  • Overcurrent limiting with software configurable retries protects against field faults while a software configurable fail-safe mode maintains the field device value in the event of a communication failure.
  • Security elements include: secure OS, authenticated modules, authenticated supply chain, secure remote updates, authenticated messages, anti-counterfeit protection and an all-metal, tamper-proof design.
  • Open engineering tools support IEC-61131.


  • Ultra-fast PLC and RTU capabilities
  • Soft-selectable I/O on each channel: DI / DO / AI / AO / Pulse / HART 7
  • Secure OPC UA / MQTT / DDS / Ethernet IP / Modbus TCP / DNP3 / 61850 / PROFINET / DeviceNet / BSAP/ CAN Bus / BACnet
  • 512MB RAM with 8GB or 32GB Flash


  • Advanced intrinsic cyber security
  • Sealed all-metal enclosure
  • EMP hardened (MIL-STD 461 pending)
  • Made in USA with a cyber secure supply chain
  • 5 Year Warranty
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Bedrock Automation OSA Remote Industrial Control Systems