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Rotary Indexers

DESTACO’s CAMCO cam-operated rotary indexers move a wide variety of products and components with precision. A larger indexer can rotate several tons of automotive body parts in seconds, while smaller parallel and roller gear indexing drives accurately index pharmaceutical or electronic components in milliseconds. Preloaded for no backlash, they have the capacity for handling high loads and speeds with smooth motion and controlled acceleration and deceleration for repeatable, accurate positioning. They require little or no maintenance and have known power requirements and displacement-time relationship.

HDE & MDE Series Rotary Indexers

The industry’s first scalable indexing solutions, CAMCO MDE and HDE Series mechanical and servo-based indexers, are built for precision positioning and long-term endurance applications. The HDE1200S is a freely-programmable servo-based index drive, while the HDE1200M is a mechanical indexer using an AC induction motor drive package. The open base mounting frame can be scaled in both width and height to fit existing and new assembly line requirements. The MDE is a high-performance rotary indexer with an industry leading torque rating. These cost-effective rotary index drives have high dynamic payload capacity while still maintaining a fast indexing speed, flexible mounting options and easily replaceable cam followers.

E-Series Heavy Duty Index Drives

The CAMCO E-Series is ideal for heavy-duty rotary dial applications. These models feature durable welded steel housing, precision cam with preloaded cam followers for maximum accuracy and preloaded center-rib design for smooth acceleration and deceleration with precision positioning. This design includes a large output mounting surface that’s supported by a 4-point contact bearing that provides superior thrust and moment capacity. The large center thru-hole accommodates stationary center post, electrical wiring, and air or hydraulic lines. This complete motorized drive package with reducer and AC inverter drive is suitable to most applications.

RNG Series Ring Drives

The CAMCO ring drive offers easy-to-integrate automation that fits into a wide array of operations. Minimize machine footprint by mounting equipment inside the through-hole of the CAMCO Ring Drive. Tool the ring drive by attaching fixtures directly to the dial ring, eliminating the need for an additional dial plate. Popular applications for this model include print/decorating machines, rotary automatic assembly and assembly systems that require a large number of tooling stations.

RGD/RGS Series Roller Gear Index Drives

These CAMCO drives are robust, versatile units suitable for many applications, available with a flange (RGD) or shaft (RGS) output, and all six surfaces are machined for universal mounting. The optional center thru-hole in the flange version facilitates passage of electrical wiring, pneumatic lines or mechanical linkages. This series features short camshaft motion periods, due to oversized cam design, and is well suited for continuous running applications or for special motion requirements such as oscillating motions.

RDM Series Flange Output Rotary Indexers

The CAMCO RDM Series index drive is ideal for rotary dial applications and feature a large output mounting surface supported by 4-point contact bearing that offers superior thrust and moment capacity. This series of index drives also offer a low-profile design, large center thru hole and optional output overload clutch.

RA Series Right-Angle Rotary Indexer

The CAMCO RA Series indexer is ideal for dial applications or actuation-type applications such as driving a linkage or in-line conveyor. These models feature a fixed center distance between input and output, a hardened ground barrel cam and a compact design that requires minimum use of floor space. They also feature preloaded center-rib design with modified-sine motion that provides smooth acceleration and deceleration with precision positioning.

RD Series Roller Dial Index Drives

These CAMCO drives have a robust, flexible design with superior load capabilities. These models feature short camshaft motion periods, due to oversized roller gear cam design, and are well suited for continuous running applications or for special motion requirements such as oscillating motions. This series also offers universal mounting, including a horizontal mounting option ideal for trunion applications. Additionally, they are designed with optional stationary center post with thru-hole to provide mounting for upper tool plates.

P Series Parallel Indexer

Camco P Series drives are ideal for high-speed applications or for actuation-type applications such as driving a linkage or a conveyor. These models feature hardened and ground conjugate cams, yoke-mounted, preloaded cam followers that are non-reversing for high capacity and speed, and preloaded tapered roller bearings for rigidity and backlash-free operation. This design allows for whole or fractional stops, oscillating and complex custom motions. Long transfer distances are achieved with simple linkages.

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DESTACO CAMCO E-Series Rotary Indexers