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Servo Positioners

DESTACO offers a range of CAMCO high-performance servo positioners for light to heavy duty applications. The series also features large, center thru-holes and zero backlash mechanisms. Larger positioners can rotate several tons of automotive body parts in seconds while smaller parallel and roller gear indexing drives accurately index pharmaceutical or electronic components in milliseconds. Servo positioners are ideal for when the number of stations needs to be flexible and accommodate different parts. The index motion time and dwell time are changed by programming the motion profile of the servo motor. These models are easily integrated into a multi-axis system, can attain 60+ cycles per minute and are able to monitor process parameters such as cycle rate, uptime/downtime, and power demand.

GTB Servo Positioners

CAMCO GTB rotary tables are the lightest, most compact, high-accuracy positioners available. The exceptional low-profile, high-torque output design supports the demands of typical high load inertia applications. The GTB servo positioner is 34% lower in height and 64% lower in weight when compared to competitive models, while being able to deliver 1.4 times more torque.

  • Available in four sizes
  • Lubricated for life
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Large thru-hole diameter for space constrained machine applications

115RSD Rotary Servo Drives

The CAMCO RSD Rotary Servo Drive is a zero-backlash, cam-actuated drive that is compatible with industry-standard servo motors for precise control, efficiency, and flexibility. This model is designed to accept a variety of servo motors, is preloaded for zero backlash, indexing flexibility, and is capable of high accuracy with smooth motion.

Markets: Automotive, Food and Packaging, Industrial, Consumer Goods

Applications: Fixturing and Testing, Assembly, Plastic Injection Molding, Clean Room

DSR Series Servo Positioners

Destaco’s DSR Series is a low-profile, heavy-duty positioner designed to handle payloads in a range of 2,000 kg to 20,000 kg. This series is ideal for use in the most robust applications, including welding and automotive. These models are available in six sizes, designed for high acceleration and lubricated for life for minimal wear. They are also designed with both a center thru-hole and a side passage. The DSR Series utilizes a roller reducer mechanism which provides quick, accurate, high-capacity load positioning with zero backlash.

PG Parallel Gear Positioners

The CAMCO PGM Series is used for small, high-speed positioning and provides sub-positioning on large servo positioning applications. These positioners are lubricated for life and feature a precision servo reducer with pre-loaded parallel cam structure and integrated motor clamp system. The large thru-hole diameter is designed for space-constrained machine applications. The PGM features a parallel gear mechanism that helps the positioner deliver precise, reliable and repeatable movement over many thousands of work cycles.

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DESTACO CAMCO GTB Servo Positioners