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Servo Gearheads

The breadth of products within Cone Drive’s Accudrive product family of servo gearheads will exceed the most demanding needs in motion control applications. Equipped with true double-enveloping worm gear technology, these servo speed reducers are industry leading.

Accudrive Series W Servo Gearheads

The Accudrive Series W high-precision servo gearheads are ideal for the most demanding motion control applications. Inside the Accudrive Series W is Cone Drive’s true double-enveloping worm gear set. Standard, low and zero backlash versions are offered to deliver the right solution for any application. Input options include solid shaft, NEMA and servo motor interfaces, and output shaft options include solid, hollow shaft, shrink disc and end mount.

Accudrive Series RG Precision Drives

The Accudrive Series RG is a compact right-angle precision drive providing an economical solution for general automation applications. Built around the Cone Drive double-enveloping worm technology, the Accudrive Series RG is available in standard and low backlash options.

Accudrive Series S Servo Gearheads

The Accudrive Series S is a general purpose servo rated gear head featuring flexibility in an affordable package. This reducer is ideally suited for both the packaging and general automation market. The flexibility of the Series S means availability of any output shaft configuration that’s needed: hollow, solid, left, right or double extended. Featuring Conex gearing, the Series S is the highest rated reducer of its type.

Accudrive HP Servo Reducers

As servo motor capacity increases, Cone Drive is meeting the needs of the marketplace by offering reducers capable of higher torque demands. Only the Accudrive HP Servo offers true double-enveloping worm gear technology, unsurpassed in the market where both performance and positional accuracy are demanded.

Accudrive Stainless Servo Gearheads

Accudrive stainless servo precision motion drives are designed for sterile manufacturing environments. The product’s smooth surface and curved contour allows for easy cleaning and bacteria-free surfaces, perfect for food processing and pharmaceutical applications. The product is designed and rated to IP69k, providing maximum protection against contaminant ingress as well as leak free operation.

Accudrive Series P Servo Drives

The Accudrive Series P high-precision inline planetary servo drive will satisfy the most demanding automation applications. The compact design, universal housing with precision bearings and precision planetary gearing provides high torque density while offering superb positioning performance. Series P offers exact ratios from 3:1 through 40:1 with the highest efficiency and lowest backlash in the industry.

Accudrive Series LE Servos

The Accudrive Series LE servo offers the same level of quality as the Accudrive Series P with a new output design which is dimensionally interchangeable with most economical planetary gearheads. However, the Accudrive Series LE offers improvements in motor mount connection and lower noise.

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Cone Drive Accudrive Series W Servo Gearheads