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Variable Frequency Drives

Control Techniques AC drives, also known as variable frequency drives (VFD), variable speed drives (VSD), adjustable-speed drives or inverter drives, provide world-class solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. These drives offer wide power and voltage ranges with advanced motor control and robust design for long and reliable service. They are extendable through a large range of option modules, as well as compact with onboard programming and motion control.

Control Techniques has launched new SI option modules that provide Interbus S network connectivity with the following series of drives:

  • Commander C200 and C300 General Purpose AC Drives
  • Unidrive M400, M600, and M70x AC Drives

There are two versions of the module available plus a cable adapter available for an easy retrofit of existing applications using SM-Interbus.

Commander C General Purpose Variable Frequency Drives

Commander variable speed drives have established the standard of excellence in motor control and continue to bring new technology and innovations to the world of automation. The new Commander C series is a simple and compact AC motor speed controller that meets advanced requirements for a wide range of applications while optimizing the user experience. Commander C offers dual Safe Torque Off (STO) and up to 180% overload for high torque applications.

Unidrive M Universal AC Drives Family

The Unidrive M family is designed specifically for industrial applications. Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, Control Techniques has tailored each Unidrive M model to specific application needs identified within industries. Unidrive M is evolving the future of industry with the latest drive technology, which includes over 21 patents granted and 42 patents pending.

Unidrive DFS Free-Standing VFD Drives

For many drive users, designing and building a high power drive enclosure requires extensive time and in-house engineering expertise. Control Techniques’ Unidrive DFS is a pre-assembled, ready-to-install drive enclosure system designed for use in high power applications to deliver optimum motor control and energy efficiency. Save engineering cost, resources and time through easy configuration of quality packaged drive systems that are highly adaptable for stand-alone applications, or ready to integrate into a broader system suite.

HVAC Drive H300

Control Techniques’ HVAC Drive H300 variable frequency AC drive is the result of extensive research and builds on vast experience of the HVAC market. The HVAC Drive H300 dimensions are among the smallest in its class at every power rating, saving valuable building real estate, making the drives easy to handle and maximizing mounting flexibility. These drives offer fast, easy and secure installation, commissioning and maintenance, as well as all the necessary features to meet building HVAC/R project specification requirements.

E300 Elevator Variable Frequency Drives

Control Techniques is a leading supplier of AC drive technology for the elevator industry. E300 drives feature rapid setup and simple, intuitive parameter adjustment via a bright back-lit LCD keypad. These energy-efficient drives also provide optimum ride comfort and silent operation.

Commander SX NEMA 4X Drives

Commander SX variable frequency drives are UL Type 4X (IP66) protected drives. Commander SX enables users to mount the drive directly next to the motor, resulting in significant cabling, enclosure and installation savings. Typical applications include fans, pumps, conveyors, blowers, ovens and chillers. Commander SX is suitable for use in machines where it is useful to locate the drive in proximity to the motor, and where dirt, dust and other pollutants need to be regularly washed away.

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Control Techniques Variable Frequency Drives