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Pneumatic Grippers

DESTACO’s Robohand pneumatic grippers serve all markets, including stainless steel grippers for food and beverage, miniature clean room products for pharmaceuticals and heavy duty material handling solutions for industrial automotive applications. Since 1980, with the release of its patented series of parallel grippers, the Robohand name has come to represent the best innovation, quality and reliability in gripping solutions.

A pneumatic gripper is a type of pneumatic actuator gripping solution that includes tooling jaws or fingers that grasp an object. Grippers are run on compressed air and have the ability to pick up, place, hold and release objects while an action is being executed. The most popular types of grippers are two-jaw parallel and two-jaw angular grippers. Parallel grippers open and close parallel to the object being handled, while angular grippers move their jaws wider than parallel jaws and require more space. DESTACO also supplies three-jaw parallel and sheet metal grippers for more particular handling requirements.

DIRECTCONNECT technology allows all components of Robohand angular grippers, rotaries and slides to be mounted together directly. These modular mounting systems can be mounted in multiple positions, without adapter plates, and can perform an application’s desired stroke range and grip force within many operating environments.

RP Series Pneumatic Grippers

Designed for inline part pressing applications, OEM machine pick-and-place, and packaging applications, the widely used RP series offers sealed parallel grippers for automotive assembly applications. These units feature double wedge design for high impact applications, a hardened steel bottom for part pressing applications, and inductive jaw location sensing. Grip force ranges from 178 N [40 lbs.] to 2669 N [600 lbs.] and stroke ranges from 6.4 mm [0.25 in] to 50.8 mm [2.00 in].

RPL/RPLC Series Parallel Grippers

These gripping units are designed for clean room and harsh environments (RPLC), delicate part handling with valve controls, projecting requiring long, precise gripper fingers and high temperature applications using Viton seals. The RPL and RPLC feature excellent part positioning and repeatability, as well as reduced friction for operation in low-pressure applications. On the Class-10 cleanroom rated RPLC, a purge port prevents contaminants entering the gripper and a scavenge port prevents gripper grease from contaminating the working environment.

DPG Series Modular Grippers

Designed for CNC machining applications, chip/dry particulate harsh environments, and non-synchronous jaw or fixed jaw clamp operations, these units are rugged general-purpose modular grippers with multi-position sensing for up to four locations. Each gripper is shielded to repel metal chips and particulates and features multiple air ports to support manifold interface using O-rings and two finger mounting surfaces are present on each jaw. The spring-assist option maintains grip in case of air pressure loss, along with synchronous or non-synchronous jaw operation.

DPW Series Long-Finger Pneumatic Grippers

Destaco’s DPW Series is designed for wide part gripping, gantry systems, harsh gripping environments and long-finger applications. This series provides a robust, wide-body gripper with DIRECTCONNECT mounting, grip force from 222 N through 800 N and strokes from 19 mm through 63.5 mm. These grippers feature rack and pinion design for smooth operation, multiple air ports where top ports can be manifolded, and shaft wiper seals for harsh environments. Their jaws are well supported to grip large and wide parts, with optional non-synchronous jaw operation.

RPW Series Heavy Duty Grippers

Designed for wide part gripping, gantry systems and harsh gripping environments, these robust, wide body grippers can perform at grip force ranges from 222 N through 2091 N and strokes ranging from 19 mm through 114 mm. They feature a rack and pinion design for smooth operation, as well as well-supported jaws to grip large and wide parts. These grippers offer double rod seals for extended life in harsh environments and optional non-synchronous jaw operation.

RA Series Angular Locking Grippers

This gripper uses the mechanical advantage of a toggle mechanism that creates a high gripping force at the completion of stroke. At the full closed position, the gripper locks in such a way that it cannot unlock unless air pressure is supplied to open the gripper. If air pressure is lost catastrophically, the gripper will not release the part that is being held. Options include inductive sensors, flow controls and Viton seals.

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Destaco Robohand Pneumatic Grippers