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    Bulk Storage Hoppers

Bulk Storage Hoppers

Fortville Feeders bulk storage hoppers are designed to provide easy loading and transfer of parts. Fortville provides hopper solutions for heavy parts, fragile parts, FDA restricted applications, multiple parts and more. The company uses stainless steel on all hoppers – none are painted or covered with a coating that could chip and contaminate parts.


  • Vibratory
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Live bottom (optional)

Volume: 1/10, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 cubic feet

Options: 7″ or 11″ tray

Styles: Standard, Straight Front, Low Profile, Trough Drivers

Gondola and Elevator Conveyor Systems for Bulk Storage Hoppers

Fortville’s gondola and elevator systems transport and dispense parts for continuous feeding. Elevators save space and move bulk parts quickly and efficiently.

Length: 8′ standard, additional sizes available

Width: 8″ standard, additional sizes available

Styles: Drag-Through, Magnetic

For more information on Bulk Storage Hoppers from Fortville Feeders, as well as how Power Motion can help, please contact us. We have locations in St. Louis, Kansas City and Little Rock, providing distributor and automation solutions services for Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Southern Illinois, Southern and Western Iowa, Northern Louisiana, Eastern Oklahoma and Northeast Texas. Not all products available in all areas.

Fortville Feeders Bulk Storage Hoppers