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    Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

GOT2000 Series HMI

Mitsubishi Electric’s GOT2000 Series human-machine interfaces (HMIs) provide a range of models to fit various performance and screen size requirements. All models offer advanced features that improve operator efficiency and performance.

GT27 Series

The GT27 Series HMI is a top-end graphical operator terminal that includes displays from 5.7″ to 15″ with resolutions of XGA, SVGA and VGA, depending on model selection. The GT27 is an advanced model with multi-touch and gesture functions providing users tablet-like operation. A wide variety of specifications and enhanced functionality helps suit every customer application.

  • Gesture operations – An industry-first allows operators to interact intuitively with the terminal, increasing efficiency and visibility.
  • Flexible configuration – Create a GOT to match needs, with communication, multimedia and wireless options.
  • Maintenance platform – On-demand portal for accessing detailed system information and PDF/video work instructions, ladder and CNC monitoring, program backup and restore function.
  • Remote connectivity– GOT Mobile enables remote access on GT27, allowing users to view data in real time or operate the system using mobile devices.
  • MES connectivity – Utilize GT27 multi-communication abilities to create a powerful MES gateway system.
  • Front 2 USB ports (device and host) – Transfer projects, data logging, connect USB mouse, keyboard, barcode reader or RFID reader.
  • Human sensor – GT27 automatically detects an operator approaching GOT and displays the screen.
  • HDMI port option available – An HDMI output is available as an additional option. This allows the incorporation of Andon systems, or for machine data to be publicly displayed on a large TV monitor so an entire factory floor can reference it.

GT2107 Wide Series

GT2107 Wide Series HMIs are compact and cost-effective 7″ wide-screen graphical operator terminals with WVGA resolution, available with either a black or silver bezel. The GT2107 Wide model HMIs include many interactive features and are a perfect fit for mid-size to small applications where there is a requirement for high-resolution graphics.

  • Improved Visibility – The wide-screen elegant body style presents a large amount of information with a high picture quality.
  • Remote Connectivity – VNC Server enables remote access and secure control of the GOT unit, allowing users to view data in real time or operate systems using tablets or personal computer.
  • 2 USB Ports (Device and Host) – Convenient to transfer projects, access data logging, and connect mouse or keyboard (host compatible devices).
  • Interactive Display – Seamless integration with Mitsubishi Electric devices, such as inverters, servos, and robots, for monitoring and parameter adjustments. The terminal includes advanced drive control connectivity functions for MR-J4 and MR-JE Series servo systems.
  • Maintenance Platform – On-demand portal for accessing system information such as device monitoring, program backup and restore function, and servo maintenance.
  • Smart Analysis – Collect data from PLC controllers and other devices and display it in graph or list configuration for further system performance analysis.
  • Enhanced Graphics The antialiasing hardware feature enhances graphics on the GT2107 Wide HMI and allows clear text display.
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Mitsubishi Electric GT2107 Wide Series Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)