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Circular Connectors

Mencom is the leading manufacturer of circular connectors, and their rugged solutions are engineered for reliable performance under the most extreme use in harsh environments. These industrial connectors come with a huge variety of materials, sizes, contact layouts and types, and coupling designs. They are commonly utilized for data, signal and power connections in the automation, manufacturing, military, aerospace and transit industries, thanks to their rugged mechanical performance and ease of connectivity. They are also versatile and flexible because of a wide range of contacts, voltages, and currents that can be conveniently featured based on the requirements of the applications.

M23 Circular Connectors

M23 industrial electrical connectors are mainly used for connecting electrical drives, encoders and servo-motors in industrial applications. The M23 electrical connector is versatile due to its robust design and the combination of power and signal pins built into the design. Mencom manufactures over-molded 12, 16, 17 and 19 pole M23 electrical connectors with straight or right angle heads. The connectors are all UL listed and designed to endure positive vibration for use with motor drives and moving assemblies. They also provide IP67 rating for harsh industrial environments. Additionally, Mencom offers field wireable connectors for applications where customers need Mencom connectors on their cables.

The cable jackets are available in ITC-ER PVC, shielded PUR and shielded TPE jacket and are offered in many standard off-the-shelf lengths. The mating receptacles are available with ½” NPT, back mount, panel mount, rear mount, M20 or M20-long (for thicker panels) mounting threads. Along with being the only manufacture to offer M23 receptacles in ½” NPT shells, Mencom provides a wide variety of color codes to match encoder application needs. The standard shell material is nickel-plated brass, while the M20 is also available in stainless steel.

MIN Series Mini Cables & Receptacles

The MIN Series is so named because they are generally referred to in the industry as mini-change, 7/8″ or mini connectors. The MIN Series can be used for transmission of signal and/or power, and is a popular connector choice for machine safety components, lighting, bus networks, robots and numerous other applications. The MIN Series is available in 14 and 19 pole versions,
divided into three different sizes.

Mencom power distribution series provides a cost-effective and time-efficient plug-and-play solution for motor and machine power applications. This easy to use industrial series of molded
cordsets, prewired receptacles, adapter plugs and tees provide a quick disconnect option for applications that demand more power. They are ideal for use with motors, conveyors, industrial lighting and industrial heaters.

MIL-Spec 5015 Equivalent Series

The Circular MIL-Spec Industrial 5015 Equivalent line of products features completely over-molded cord sets and pre-wired and epoxied receptacles, reducing downtime and providing cost savings. Customers receive an immediate installation-ready solution instead of a bag of parts to assemble. These connectors come standard with the familiar North American color codes already recognized in the industrial market.

Industrial MIL-Spec equivalent connectors are widely accepted in many industries and applications. Each shell size allows for a variety of pin counts and configurations for power or signal.
These connectors use threaded couplings to keep the connectors mated and sealed to withstand moisture, condensation and vibration.

Micro Series Circular Connectors

Mencom Micro Series industry standard connectors (M12, 1/2″-20 and M8) are over-molded, compact and sealed to suit a wide range of sensor/actuator connectivity in industrial control applications. These circular connectors are UL listed and rated for IP67. A full line of accessories is also available, adding more flexibility to industrial connectivity.

The Micro-DC (MDC) series is one of the most widely used industrial quick disconnects in the industrial market. These connectors are commonly used in factory automation for items such as
sensors, actuators, motors, switches, safety light curtains and mats, and interlock switches. The MDC is offered with a variety of outer jacket material, with or without shielding.

Although commonly used for AC or DC applications, the Micro-AC (MAC) series is similar in size to the MDC series but has some key differences. The use of a double keyway (C-Coded) prevents it from accidentally plugging into one of the other similarly sized connectors.

The Euro-AC (MEC) series connector is also commonly used in AC and DC applications and uses the M12 mating thread (like the MDC). Unlike the MDC, the MEC keyway is reversed (B-Coded) and it is available with a first-make, last-break extended ground pin connected to a green/yellow ground wire.

The NAN series (M8) is often referred to as a “pico” or “nano” connector. The small size makes it the perfect choice when space is limited. The M8 is commonly used with many miniature proximity and photoelectric sensors.


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Mencom Circular Connectors