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    Energy Measuring Units

Energy Measuring Units

Energy measuring units monitor a variety of energy information including current, voltage, frequency, power, demand, energy, power factor and much more. Mitsubishi Electric’s EcoMonitorPlus energy monitoring modules can provide value through power monitoring, visualization system construction, preventive maintenance, safe operation of production facilities, power saving, energy cost reduction and improved productivity.


  • Predictive monitoring of equipment failure for preventive maintenance
  • Data collection and visualization system
  • Building block method with extension units
  • Analog or pulse inputs for energy usage other than electricity

EcoMonitorPlus Energy Measuring Units

The EcoMonitorPlus series is a flexible and scalable energy measuring platform that allows economical sub-metering of multiple loads. The modular compact design of the EMU4 Plus is ideal for multi-branch circuit applications, data centers, facility or building automation, and multiple loads on a manufacturing line. Tracking energy or insulation monitoring for several loads with one product significantly reduces installation, network and hardware costs.

EcoMonitorPlus offers easy and flexible expansion of measuring points with additional units (up to 14 single-phase circuits or 7 three-phase circuits). With simple data collection, report creating and leakage current measurement, these monitoring units can be used for numerous applications, including equipment management.

EcoMonitorLight Energy Monitoring Unit

EcoMonitorLight is an an energy measuring unit with an integrated display that provides easy energy visualization in order to provide ways to save energy and to comply with the Energy Saving Act in response to the need for a simple manner to measure energy consumption. The integrated display allows quick and accurate main unit settings and value checking. EcoMonitorLight is easy to install inside a panel by using an IEC rail. Easy connection with general servers and energy management with less workforce is now possible with MODBUS RTU communication.

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Mitsubishi Electric EcoMonitorPlus Energy Measuring Units