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Telecentric Lenses

Demanding vision tasks such as precision measurement require zero-distortion telecentric lenses. Opto Engineering provides the best vision lensing components from the machine vision world, covering almost every possible need in precision telecentric optics: wide range of high to low magnifications, classic and extremely compact designs like the TC4K FLAT and TC CORE series, standard or long working distances, fixed or variable magnifications like the TCZR and TCDP PLUS series, lenses with Scheimpflug adjustment for 3D applications as well as telecentric lenses with integrated coaxial illumination.

Opto Engineering telecentric lens products benefit from a decade-long effort in progressive research and development, resulting in an extensive range of part numbers for a diverse and ever-growing number of applications.

These products achieve the highest optical performances available on the market:

  • Extra telecentricity for thick object imaging
  • Very low distortion for accurate measurements
  • Excellent resolution for small pixel cameras
  • Wide field depth for large object displacements
  • Pre-adjusted back focal length and working distance
  • Compact and robust design, tailored for industrial environments

Telecentric lenses for matrix detectors also feature:

  • Bi-telecentric design
  • Detailed test report for each lens

TC1MHR-TC4MHR CORE Series Telecentric Lenses

TC1MHR CORE – TC4MHR CORE series are ultra-compact telecentric lenses tailored for high-resolution sensors up to 4/3”. TC1MHR CORE and TC4MHR CORE lenses deliver excellent optical performances in a highly compact shape. Thanks to the unique opto-mechanical design, these lenses offer extremely high resolution, nearly zero distortion and high field depth while saving up to 70% in length compared to similar FOV lenses on the market.

TC1MHR CORE and TC4MHR CORE lenses ensure hassle-free integration in a measurement system. The rear phase adjustment allows the user to easily align the camera sensor to the sample. These lenses can be mounted in several orientations thanks to the M6 threads located on multiple sides, even without clamps. For maximum flexibility, a special front mounting clamp is also available.


TC3MHR – TC5MHR CORE PLUS series are large FOV telecentric lenses for the latest generation sensors up to 1.1” like the IMX304 and 4/3” sensors like the KAC-12040. They are specifically designed to accurately measure large objects in a reduced space. Inspired by catadioptric telescopes, their folded optical path allows large FOV imaging while keeping the overall footprint compact. The size reduction is up to 45% compared with other telecentric lenses on the market.

The length and working distance of a telecentric lens strongly impact the size of a vision system. This is especially critical when a large FOV telecentric lens is used with a telecentric illuminator, as the overall dimensions of the system are doubled. For this reason, the working distance of TC3MHR – TC5MHR CORE PLUS series has been reduced to make a measurement system as compact as possible.

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Opto Engineering Telecentric Lenses