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Patlite Network Signal Towers

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    Network Signal Towers

Network Signal Towers

Patlite’s network signal towers enable connection of existing equipment, regardless of brand or age. These network signaling solutions are designed to not only deliver superior visual and audible signals but also make it easy to collect critical machine data, send and receive network commands, and monitor processes remotely and in real-time.


  • Utilize various connection types, including Ethernet, USB and M12 (IO-Link)
  • Support protocols, such as Modbus TCP/UDP, HTTP, SNMP Traps, PING and IO-Link
  • Send email notifications to remotely located personnel

LR6-USB Series Network Signal Towers

The LR6-USB series of LED signal towers are designed to connect conveniently to a PC or HMI and receive power and commands over a single USB connection. This second-generation USB signal tower line is based on the industry-proven first generation LU7-USB series. Offering similarly low power consumption and no maintenance LEDs, the LR6-USB features Patlite’s next generation LR6 Signal Tower technology with brighter LEDs, expandable up to five LED color modules, and supports multiple platforms including Windows and Linux. Four flash patterns and four alarm sounds are built-in to further provide clearer, unambiguous indication.

The LR6-USB signal tower is available as modular segments, allowing users to customize their device to their specific application. Flexible mounting options are available including silver, off-white and black brackets and poles to match the LR6-USB off-white and black base options. LR6-MZ multi-color LED modules are also compatible with the LR6-USB base for flexible color expression. LR6-USB signal towers conform to CE, UL, FCC, EMC Directive, RoHS, and KC for use around the world and are supported by Patlite’s global network of offices and partners if repair or replacement is needed.

LR6-IL IO-Link Network Signal Towers

LR6-IL IO-Link signal towers install and configure seamlessly through a standardized, fieldbus-neutral, point-to-point communication, universal IO-Link interface. The LR6-IL seamlessly integrates with IO-Link masters and features a built-in 5-pin M12 connector for quick and easy installations. A modular body construction makes configuring LED units and optional parts simple. This product comes in any combination of solid colors, multi-color, and clear globe LED units. An audible alarm and a wireless data acquisition system are available as options.

LA6-POE Ethernet Programmable LED Signal Tower

The LA6-POE is the first programmable, multicolor, 60mm LED signal tower with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, enabling single cable installation. These signal towers support Modbus TCP/IP and HTTP protocols to work seamlessly with existing infrastructure and include a built-in web interface for quick and easy setup and configuration. This product includes 21 programmable LED colors and 11 selectable alarms for unambiguous indication, as well as a built-in terminal block as an alternative control method. A mirroring function replicates the visual and audible statuses from a master LA6-POE on up to 8 remote slave LA6-POE units.

NHL-3FB2/NHP-3FB2 Network Monitoring LED Signal Tower

NHL-3FB1 signal towers monitor networks and deliver real-time notification of predesignated events and device failures via visual signals, alarms and email. Standard configuration consists of a light tower with three LED segments and a programmable audible alarm with volume settings. Add up to five LED units for highly effective visual signaling. These towers can ping up to 24 devices and notify operators of ping failures in real-time with unambiguous visual and audible alerts. Alarms can trigger emails to be sent to up to eight addresses per event or send SNMP traps to network management systems.

PHE-3FB3 Interface Converter Signal Tower

The PHE-3FB3 is a signal tower with three colors and two flashing patterns that are independently controllable. This towercan be connected to a personal computer via the USB or RS-232C port and is equipped with a reset switch to easily and quickly return it to its initial state. Usability is streamlined due to a simpler communication protocol. This product can control four built-in alarm sounds with sound levels of 80 dB or more (at 1 m).

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Patlite Network Signal Towers