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End Drive Conveyors

QC Conveyors AS40 Automation Series end drive conveyors are versatile belt conveyors built on a rigid aluminum frame featuring tee slots for rapid accessory mounting. These are the ultimate user-friendly conveyors, designed with the customer in mind, offering high power at a great value, with a wide variety of drive packages available.

A sturdy frame is the backbone of the conveyor, helping to ensure positive tracking throughout the life of the product. QC designed this conveyor with a box-frame construction that resists both latitudinal and longitudinal deflections. Conveyors 18” and wider feature a rigid aluminum/steel frame.

On any conveyor, the belt pulls to the longest point on the conveyor. By using a crowned pulley, that’s higher in the center than at the ends, QC is able to ensure proper tracking in most applications without the use of a v-guide. The straight knurling provides positive traction but allows the belt to float slightly from side to side without damage. All Automation Series conveyors support optional v-guide belting, which works to keep the belt centered in applications with side loading/exiting or reversing.

Tension release tails flip up at the push of a button to relieve tension on the belt, making it easy to replace or to clean underneath. A gentle push locks the tail back into place with tension and tracking setting retained. Optional nosebar tails allow for transfers of small products between conveyors. The tighter 11 mm radius of the pulley reduces the gap between pulleys.

Backlights are used in a wide variety of machine vision applications to provide contrast for part inspection or robot orientation. The contrast from the backlight allows for better resolution from the vision system than reflective lighting can provide.


  • Automation
  • Assembly
  • Automotive
  • Printing
  • Robotics
  • Metal Working
  • Materials Handling
  • Pharmacy & Medical
  • Plastics
  • Packaging
  • Marking & Coding
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