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Cooling Units

Rittal’s new generation of Blue e+ cooling units offer the ultimate in efficiency and reliability, worldwide. This series offers a revolution in energy efficiency through hybrid technology that takes cooling effectiveness to a whole new level, delivering up to 75% energy savings. Not only do the units offer far higher energy efficiency than existing cooling solutions, they also offer a range of powerful new features that improve cost effectiveness, component life, flexibility and ease of use.

Microchannel technology leads to 55% less refrigerant use. The active cooling circuit has speed-regulated components for demand-based cooling. Heat pipe technology offers passive cooling, dissipating heat from the enclosure as soon as the ambient temperature falls below the setpoint. Component-friendly cooling delivers longer service life of the components inside the enclosure and the cooling unit. A constant temperature inside the enclosure is ensured, with three control modes. The touch display and intelligent interfaces ensure intuitive operation.

Rittal’s new IoT interface for its high-efficiency climate control solutions, data collection and analysis allow relevant data and parameters to be shared around the plant or any business location. A multitude of values can be measured, stored in the cloud, and analyzed to ensure preventative maintenance is performed and control systems are protected. This improves uptime, efficiency and  maintenance costs.

The IoT interface is a central component for the intelligent networking of Rittal cooling solutions and sensors for monitoring physical ambient conditions and machine status. Thanks to the IoT interface, customers can integrate all Blue e+ cooling units and Blue e+ chillers into their own monitoring and energy management systems. With the Blue e+ platform and the IoT interface, Rittal is laying the foundation for the optimal integration of cooling units as well as chillers in Industry 4.0 applications.

Wall-Mounted Cooling Units

These units offer a nano-coated condenser and external or internal mounting in doors or walls via standard mounting cut-outs. The mounting cut-out is identical (external mounting, partial internal mounting and full internal mounting) for four output categories. These units are suitable for international use due to a unique multi-voltage capability.

Roof-Mounted Cooling Units

Roof-mounted units keep door or side panels as well as escape routes clear. These units come with electrical condensate evaporation and a nano-coated condenser, plus optional roof plates with mounting cut-outs.

VX25 Blue e+ Integration Solutions

This product is the perfect symbiosis of the VX25 baying enclosure system and Blue e+ cooling unit, providing an enclosure with an integral cooling unit and boasting all the benefits of Blue e+ technology.

Modular Climate Control Concept

These products include sheet steel climate control doors for the installation of climate control modules and are easily exchanged for the existing door without the need for machining while the system is operational.

Thermoelectric Cooler

This powerful thermoelectric unit in a lightweight design is the ideal climate control solution for command panels and small enclosures.

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Rittal Cooling Units