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Safety Switches

Telemecanique Sensors by Schneider Electric offers a complete range of safety switches to meet protection requirements for functional safety, whatever the activity sector, type of machine or automated function.

  • Key operated switches
  • Key operated switches with solenoid
  • Lever or spindle operator switches
  • Limit switches
  • RFID contactless switches
  • Coded magnetic switches

Safety Interlock Switches

When a running machine necessitates a door or guard remain closed and an idle machine means the machine should be accessible, there is no better solution than the Preventa XCS line of industrial safety interlock switches, providing a range of options for most machine applications. XCS switches verify that the doors, gates or guards are closed before a process that could be harmful to personnel can start up. The hazards to personnel can be mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical or thermal. These mechanical devices have two components: a switch and an actuating key. When the gate or guard is closed, the actuating key attached to the gate or guard is inserted into the switch, closing the safety contacts, allowing the machine to be started. When the gate or guard is opened, the actuating key is removed from the switch, and the switch contacts open.

Some XCS switches protect machine operators by stopping the machine when the guard or door opens, withdrawing the actuator attached to the machine guard from the head of the switch.

  • For heavy duty industrial machines with quick rundown time, key operated switches XCSA, XCSB, or XCSC are ideal.
  • For heavy duty industrial machines with slow rundown time, key operated switches with solenoid such as XCSLF or XCSE are ideal.
  • For light industrial machines with quick rundown time, key operated switches XCSMP, XCSPA, or XCSTA are good fits.
  • For light industrial machines with slow rundown time, key operated switches with solenoid such as XCSLE or XCSTE will work.

XCS interlock switches are designed to meet demanding requirements in the US and Europe, as well as the rest of the world. The flexibility of the XCS line allows one XCS device to perform the same functions as several competitor’s devices. Specifically designed for the protection of machine operators, maintenance and other personnel, the XCS switches can be used in a wide range of applications where a gate, door or guard is a part of the safety-related system.

Non-Contact Switches

XCSDM non-contact safety interlock switches are designed for the same functions as mechanical interlock switches but are magnetically coded devices and require no contact between the switch and coded magnet. This is a benefit where door or guard misalignment is an issue, or where the machine designer does not want to use a mechanical device. Non-contact devices have no inherent operating force and are well-suited for applications such as lightweight or plexiglass doors, where cracking or breakage is prevalent with standard mechanical switches.

Uses include:

  • Food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications require that no contaminants be trapped in or around devices
  • Washdown applications where a standard mechanical switch would be more difficult to clean, especially in the actuating key receptacle
  • Where small size is critical or a slim profile is desired

Contactless RFID Safety Sensors

The XCSR contactless RFID safety sensor from Telemecanique provides industrial companies with the highest level of safety-certified sensor protection, allowing employers to effectively seal off areas in the work zone that are dangerous. The design of the new XCSR safety sensor safeguards employees against tampering with the protection system. The ready-to-use transponder and reader are factory-paired and sold together with a unique, high-level coding which is virtually impossible to bypass or disrupt. Once this highly effective safety system is in place, its functionality can’t be altered. The XCSR offers three different connection types to fit virtually any type of industrial environment. All three connection types are configured with unique codes and provide a PLe/Cat4 – SIL3 level of protection.

The three connection types are:

  • Standalone: Allows direct connection to contactors. Integrated safety functions include monitoring of the contactors and manual or automatic start and restart functions.
  • Series: Allows direct connection to a simple safety relay and series diagnosis through a diagnostic module. There is no programming software needed. The series model comes with integrated M12 series connectors and eliminates the need of T or Y connectors.
  • Single: Allows point-to-point connections to a safety controller.

Safety Limit Switches

Preventa XCS safety limit switches are used in machine safety systems for a wide variety of safety functions, including end of travel notification, overtravel indication, safety-related positioning of machinery, tooling or component parts, and interlocking gates and guards. They are often used in conjunction with safety interlock switches for mechanical and electrical redundancy on doors and guards.

These switches meet US and European safety standards requiring that switches used in safety-related applications have positive opening contacts. They also feature tamper-resistant covers over mounting screw and head adjustment to reduce the potential for tampering. Multiple head types, conduit types (as well as pre-wired), and metal and plastic body styles are available.

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Schneider Telemecanique Safety Switches