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TM-R Low-Profile Direct Drive Servo Motors

Mitsubishi Electric’s TM-R low-profile direct drive servo motors allow for the direct control of a load without the use of more traditional mechanical transmission components (gears, belts, chains, etc.). Combining this direct control with the accuracy of a servo motor allows customers to build more compact, efficient, and precise machines. These low-profile motors are a good fit for applications such as index tables, tool changers, and rotary axis for material handling robots.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced footprint – Optimize a machine’s center of gravity and stability by minimizing height and weight.
  • Hollow shaft – This design feature allows for easy installation of cables and air pipes in the rotating axis.
  • High resolution encoder – Achieve higher productivity with an improved 21 (002C30)/22-bit encoder that reaches 2097152/4194304 pulses per revolution.
  • Increased torque with alternate amplifier – By selecting a servo amplifier one class higher for low-profile direct drive motors, the rated torque and maximum torque are increased even further. This option is available for the 004 size.
  • Reduced system wear/maintenance – By eliminating mechanical components prone to wear and directly driving the load, low-profile direct drive servo motors remove the need to perform maintenance or monitor for wear over time.
  • Two installation methods – Pilot and table mounting surface types allow for flexible mounting options.
  • Improved speed – The TM-R models have a rated speed of 300 rotations per minute, boosting machine productivity.
  • Compatibility with larger-capacity servo amplifiers – The 004 sized motor is compatible with larger-capacity amplifiers such as the MR-J4-40B(-RJ) amplifier. Using this option increases rated torque from 4.5 N to 6 N·m, and maximum torque from 13.5 to 18 N·m. This is the ideal solution for heavy loads that require higher torques.
  • First-class positioning accuracy – The low-profile direct drive servo motors are capable of being operated as incremental or absolute positioning devices in either an open or closed loop, allowing for extremely precise positioning accuracy.
  • Reduced size and weight – Compared to standard direct drive motors, low-profile direct drive servo motors offer a significant reduction in size, ideal for customers with tight space restrictions who need a stiff and accurate drive solution.
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Mitsubishi Electric TM-R Low Profile Servo Motors