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Power Measurement

WAGO introduces a stand-alone three-phase power measurement module to capture measurements in 400/690 VAC networks. Easily and efficiently measure energy consumption with this compact three-phase module. This stand-alone DIN rail mount device conveniently accepts both current transformers (1 A, 5 A secondary) and Rogowski coils, and delivers the process values such as voltages, currents, reactive, apparent and active power, energy consumption, power factor, phase angle and frequency via MODBUS RTU.

A convenient microSD card slot allows data storage and logging. Free interface configuration software gives the user the freedom to create any application settings required to personalize their predictive maintenance solution. This energy management solution can be combined with a new compact power supply (24 VDC, 1.25 A). At only 35.5 mm wide with the same profile as the three-phase power measurement modules, you save valuable panel space and create a clean looking cabinet.


  • Current measurement via current transformers or Rogowski coils for application flexibility
  • Mobile measurement and storage of measured values on microSD card for fast data logging and recording
  • Configuration and display of measured values during operation via configuration interface
  • Compact device in DIN rail mount enclosure saves space used for building technology
  • Easy communication of measured values via Modbus interface
  • Configurable digital signal output as pulse output
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