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Yaskawa’s Smart Series line of collaborative robots addresses each of the different modes of collaboration, providing the optimal level of speed, payload, safety and throughput for a broad variety of applications.

Yaskawa HC10DT cobots are an ideal balance of strength, flexibility and efficiency. They are easily deployed to operate in the same space as workers, reducing the need for hard safety enclosures. Simplified programming and the low-cost robotic arm put the benefits of collaborative automation within reach of any manufacturing operation. This six-axis cobot has sensing technologies that allow it to safely interact with humans and is programmed to respond to various situations in order to avoid putting a human in harm’s way.

HC10DT collaborative robots are simple and easy to program, enabling the operator to quickly perform changeovers. They are designed to avoid pinch-points, enhancing operator safety. They offer industrial-grade payload and speed for real-word handling and assembly applications and are easily integrated into factory automation systems. The HC10DT can boost production rate, lower risk, empower employees and quickly achieve ROI.


  • Safely coexists with workers — Power and force limiting (PFL) technology immediately reacts to external forces protecting workers.
  • EasyTeach application — Precision hand-guided teaching and programming streamlines implementation and makes the HC10DT robot easier to deploy.
  • Through-arm utilities eliminate safety issues — HC10DT collaborative robots are designed to reduce the risk of human injuries in order to meet safety assessment guidelines.
  • 10 kilogram payload capacity and 1,200 mm reach — These specifications allow the HC10DT robot to work with humans in a wide variety of applications.
  • Networked safety for easy and scalable integration — Benefits to logic, diagnostics, change management and installation simplicity reinforce the ease-of-use philosophy behind the HC10DT design.
  • Dual torque sensors in each joint
  • Full enterprise connectivity
  • Cast aluminum construction for industrial durability
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Yaskawa HC10DT Collaborative Robots