Affected Switches:

  • LMP-0501G-SFP(-T)-V2
  • LMP-0501-xx(-T)(-24)-V2
  • LMP-0600(-T)(-24)-V2
  • LMP-0601G-SFP(-T)(-24)-V2
  • LMP-0602-xx(-T)(-24)-V2
  • LMX-0500(-T)-V2
  • LMX-0501G-SFP(-T)-V2
  • LMX-0600(-T)-V2
  • LMX-0601G-SFP(-T)-V2LMX-0602-xx(-T)-V2

Antaira Technologies is proud to announce a hardware update to their small port count managed Ethernet switches. The new version two (V2) hardware delivers more horsepower under the hood, allowing an entirely new operating system to be installed. With the new operating system comes a long list of new features which brings these smaller switches up to the same feature set as the larger port count Antaira switches. Two of the new and important key features are multi-ring Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) and access control lists.

Antaira’s low-port-count managed switches are industrial-grade devices that are Ethernet ready to fulfill various markets’ edge-level networking applications in harsh and outdoor environments, such as manufacturing automation, security surveillance, power/utility, water/wastewater treatment plants, oil/gas/mining and transportation. These devices support Ethernet port connectivity and long distance data transmission, with a superb reliability factor.

Antaira Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer providing high-quality industrial networking and communication product solutions. Since 2005, Antaira has offered a full spectrum of product lines that feature reliable Ethernet infrastructures, extended temperature tolerance and rugged enclosure designs.