The Baumer Group is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of sensor technology, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. Their customers include small, highly specialized plant and machine construction companies, large industrial enterprises and groups of companies at the global level.

Baumer’s brand stands for quality, competence, precision, partnership, pioneering spirit, a broad range of services and international awareness. Their sophisticated products and solutions that meet the highest technological standards and reliably satisfy the needs of the customer at all times. Their engineers develop innovative concepts, solutions and technologies to be a step ahead of the market, anticipate approaching needs sooner and continuously expand the range of products.

Baumer Inductive Distance Sensors

Baumer AlphaProx are inductive distance sensors with fully integrated signal processing and IO-Link interface for outstanding price and performance.

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Baumer Laser Distance Sensors

Baumer’s robust optical laser distance sensors offer fast and precise distance, spacing and position measurements, even on challenging surfaces.

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