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Laser Distance Sensors

Baumer’s optical laser distance sensors offer precise distance, spacing and position measurements on challenging surfaces, and are fast and accurate in the submicrometer range and distances of up to 13 meters. These sustainable, robust solutions are reliable, even on very rough, shiny or dark surfaces, and provide high ambient light immunity. They come in a large selection of performance classes, sizes and beam shapes to allow efficient processes with easy operation and integration.

OADM 12/13 Miniature Laser Distance Sensors

These miniaturized laser sensors, featuring a very small housing with integrated micro-controller, deliver accurate measurements in cramped spaces. These sensors offer laser-point for very small objects or laser-line for rough surfaces, teachable measuring range of up to 550 mm and resolution up to 2 μm. They are extremely accurate and provide increased system performance through fast recording of measured data at the relevant point.

OADM 20/21 / OADR 20 Performance Laser Sensors

These powerful sensors for factory automation have teach-in measuring ranges of up to 1000 mm and resolution up to 4 μm for accurate measurements even in harsh environments. Different types of sensor fit a wide range of applications, including vibration-proof and washdown sensors. With easy installation and operation in any environment, they ensure maximum reliability and process safety, as well as reproducible measurements thanks to accurately aligned, fine laser beams.

OM70-P/L High Performance Distance Sensors

For best-in-class measurement performance even on demanding surfaces, these sensors are reliable and connected, with unique usability, measuring distances up to 1500 mm and resolution up to 0.7 μm. They offer outstanding user-friendliness, intuitive sensor adjustment and simplified integration with standardized interfaces. The sensor can be quickly and optimally adjusted to the measurement task via the integrated web interface.

OM70-X Multi-Spot Laser Distance Sensors

These sensors provide up to 600 single measurements on a 72 mm wide line for highest reliability, with high accuracy even under varying ambient light conditions. Featuring easy installation and commissioning of the calibrated sensor, they are IIoT-ready thanks to the Ethernet interface with OPC UA and Modbus TCP. This compact sensor provides exact and reproducible measuring results without any complicated conversion or external software.

OADM 250/260 Optical Sensors

These sensors have time-of-flight principle for up to 13 meters measuring range, with compact aluminum housing and resolution up to 1.3 mm.

O300/500 / FADx 14 / OADK 25 Sensors

These sensors provide a good price-to-performance ratio, measuring range up to 1000 mm and resolution up to 0.1 mm, with IO-Link.

For more information on Laser Distance Sensors from Baumer, as well as how Power Motion can help, please contact us. We have locations in St. Louis, Kansas City and Little Rock, providing distributor and automation solutions services for Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Southern Illinois, Southern and Western Iowa, Northern Louisiana, Eastern Oklahoma and Northeast Texas. Not all products available in all areas.

Baumer Laser Distance Sensors