Dynapar offers the world’s broadest range of encoders, resolvers and accessories for motion feedback control. For 50 years, their four brands have provided innovative, customized system solutions for virtually any heavy, industrial, servo or light-duty application.

Dynapar’s mission is to provide the world with trusted, innovative, sensing technologies that monitor and automate the machines accelerating progress and enhancing everyday lives. Unique customization capabilities mean that no matter the industry or application, they will deliver the product that fits the customer’s needs perfectly.

Dynapar OnSite Condition Monitoring Systems

Dynapar’s OnSite online condition monitoring systems offer a powerful predictive maintenance solution designed for ease of use and scalability.

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Dynapar Incremental Encoders

Dynapar incremental encoders provide excellent speed, direction and relative position feedback with few sensors and a simple, inexpensive system.

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