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Industrial Ethernet Switches

Antaira offers a variety of industrial Ethernet switches that can perform efficiently in adverse weather conditions and environments. These top-quality Ethernet switches operate effectively in rugged, mission-critical applications and allow setup of a reliable Ethernet infrastructure that features extended temperature tolerances and enclosures designed for the roughest environments. The switches are used across applications including automation processes, smart transportation systems, security operations and power/utility plants. Options include managed, unmanaged and rack-mountable industrial switches.

High Port Count Managed Switches

Industrial managed Ethernet switches enable network managers to remotely access a wide range of capabilities to configure, manage and monitor a local area network. They allow the ability to configure mission-critical data’s priority on your LAN, monitor LAN traffic, build in a redundancy failsafe and control who can access the network and make changes. With a design philosophy centered around flawless operation in harsh environments, Antaira’s industrial managed Ethernet switches deliver best-in-class performance no matter the location.

Antaira high-port count industrial Gigabit and PoE+ managed Ethernet switches are embedded with 16*10/100/1000Tx Ethernet. These fully manageable Layer 3 Ethernet switches are pre-loaded with a user-friendly web management console design.

  • Support ring network redundancy function using the market’s open standard ITU-T G.8032
  • System warning setting for automatic warning through email
  • DIN-rail and wall mount support
  • Operating temperature range – STD: -10° to 70°C
  • Five-year warranty

Low Port Count Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches

Antaira Technologies’ low-port-count managed switches are industrial-grade devices that are Ethernet-ready to fulfill various markets’ edge-level networking applications in harsh and outdoor environments, such as manufacturing automation, security surveillance, power/utility, water wastewater treatment plants, oil/gas/mining, and transportation. These devices have a superb reliability factor and support Ethernet port connectivity and long distance data transmission.

The new, version two (V2) hardware delivers more horsepower under the hood, allowing an entirely new operating system to be installed. With the new operating system comes a long list of new features which brings these smaller switches up to the same feature set as the larger port count Antaira switches. Two of the most new and important key features are multi-ring Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) and access control lists.

ERPS is an open standard used for creating redundant link rings. Ring technology helps prevent system outages by creating multiple paths allowing data to make it to its destination even when a link has failed. Using an open standard for the ring allows a customer to not be trapped by a customer’s proprietary protocol. Allowing a mixture of manufacturers’ products to be used in an application can also create the best solution.

Network security has become increasingly important and while no one feature can assure a secure network, layers of features provide the best security. Access control lists make sure data can get to where it needs to go but all other traffic is blocked. Minimizing how data traffic flows on a network is an important step to securing any network. The new access control lists available with the new version two hardware will allow an administrator to control this traffic and begin to secure the network.

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Antaira Industrial Ethernet Switches