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Capacitive Sensors

Balluff’s capacitive sensors are not only superior in object and level detection, they are also highly specialized for a wide range of challenging applications. They offer high temperature and pressure ratings, stainless steel and PTFE housings for harsh environments, a wide supply voltage range and especially compact form factors.

Balluff sensors reliably detect objects over long distances. They are suitable for non-contacting detection of solid bodies made of glass, wood, metal, plastic, composite materials, liquids and bulk materials. This is achievable through plastic walls and other non-metallic packaging. These sensors are available in various configurations, with a wide variety of plug and cable options, and are not affected by color, dust, and reflective, glossy, or transparent surfaces.

Compact Capacitive Sensors with IO-Link

The new and improved M12 compact capacitive sensors provide flexibility and accuracy to detect nonmetallic objects or materials and the levels of liquids and solids. These sensors have improved electromagnetic compatibility, and their sensing face is composed of polyetheretherketone, which is a stronger and better material than Teflon, providing outstanding chemical resistance. These latest versions are available with an IO-Link interface or with a conventional normally open or normally closed output, each with a push-pull function.

M12 sensors are ideal for detecting the presence of solid bodies like wood, cartons, paper stacks, bottles and plastic. They are equally good at detecting material or liquids such as granulates, sugar, oil or aqueous media through a nonmetal wall, including packaging, glass or plastic, with a maximum thickness of 4 mm. Flush-mounted versions have a measuring range of 0.5-5 mm, while non-flush mounting versions have a measuring range of 0.5-8 mm.

The IO-Link versions can use IO-Link Device Manager software to configure features like full/empty calibration, switching setpoint, and output type via IO-Link through the network, or connected directly to the sensor using the USB IO-Link Master module. The software allows configuration and testing IO-Link devices, as well as monitoring of process values after deployment.

Standard versions of the sensor can use a teach-adapter accessory, making it simple to calibrate the sensor and set the switching point sensitivity and limits, all using the adapter’s pushbutton. On these versions, the power, status and switching function indicator lights on the sensor provide diagnostics.

Non-Contact Capacitive Level Sensors

Need to detect and monitor fill levels in containers, pipes, or tanks without contacting the media through non-metallic container walls? This is not a problem for Balluff capacitive level sensors without media contact, which detect the fill level of liquids and bulk materials to deliver reliable results. Available in a wide range of versions, these sensors are suitable for a variety of applications. Choose from compact and flat cylindrical, cubic, or disc configurations, pressure-rated versions, and a variety of plug and cable variants.

Equipped with Balluff’s patented Smart Level technology, these devices compensate for moisture, foam, and adhesion of any kind – even through glass and plastic walls up to 10 mm thick. This makes the sensors ideal as fill level sensors for conductive media, guaranteeing high application reliability.

Capacitive Level Sensors With Media Contact

Capacitive level sensors with media contact detect the fill level of granulated materials, powders, viscous, or liquid media, as well as bulk materials. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications and available in a wide range of versions, including cylindrical configurations, immersion probes, hole or flange mounting, and in pressure-rated versions with a wide variety of plug and cable variants. In addition, their diverse range of housing materials, such as stainless steel, PTFE and PEEK, ensure the best possible chemical resistance.

Capacitive Sensor Heads for Amplifiers

Wherever a sensor with integrated electronics would not work optimally due to its environment, the capacitive sensor heads from Balluff offer the precision to keep systems running. These are suitable for detecting liquid, paste-like, and powdery media – in direct contact or even through up to 4 mm thick container walls made of glass and plastic. Thanks to the compact design, these solutions work exceptionally well in tight spaces, due to the electronics being separated from the sensor head. Choose between versions in PTFE or stainless steel housings, for use in extreme temperatures and high pressure. Also available is the amplifier with either a switching or analog output or an IO-Link interface.

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Balluff Capacitive Sensors