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I/O Master Blocks

I/O master blocks from Balluff connect discrete and analog I/O sensors and actuators to the control level via a fieldbus or network. The number of lines is substantially reduced by the use of the blocks. I/O blocks offer additional functions for signal preprocessing and expanded diagnostic options. Different designs and connection techniques enable solutions for a wide variety of applications, even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Ethernet/IP IO-Link Master Block for Welding Environments

Balluff’s new IO-Link master helps simplify smart service integration in harsh industrial environments. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can negatively impact work processes, interfering with digital, analog and communication equipment. The Ethernet/IP IO-Link Master Block can insulate your productivity by:

  • Reducing inductive noise with coil choke filters
  • Reducing conductive noise with its fiberglass-reinforced plastic, polypropylene sulfide (PPS) housing, that breaks conductive loops
  • Reducing capacitive noise by raising the PCB further from the backplane

These weld-immune modules made of fiberglass reinforced plastic reliably resist weld splatter, welding currents and electromagnetic noise fields, and ensure reliable signal transmission in spite of ambient electrical disturbances.

A built-in display allows configuring of network parameters and aids during troubleshooting. Connect to its embedded web server to remotely configure the block and connected IO-Link devices. Like other Balluff IO-Link master blocks, this product offers advanced features. Its built-in display allows configuring of network parameters and aids during troubleshooting. Connect to its embedded web server to remotely configure the block and connected IO-Link devices. In difficult EMI and welding environments, this block keeps performing.


  • Filters multiple types of EMI PPS composite body resists weld spatter
  • Four Class A and four Class B IO-Link master ports
  • Built-in enhanced web server
  • Display for configuring network parameters
  • Up to 9A of output power with 2A per channel

Slim IO-Link I/O Master Blocks

The IP67 protection rated, machine-mount, four-port Slim IO-Link master has the same distributed I/O master capabilities and functional features as the popular Balluff eight-port IO-Link master series in a more compact format. This module is available on three popular industrial networks: Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT. In addition, Balluff again expands their wide portfolio of IO-Link masters by offering these form factors with IO-Link Type A or IO-Link Type B port functionality.

The Type A and Type B functionality for the IO-Link port differs in the way output power (or aux power) is configured for each IO-Link master port. With 9A of total available current at 24VDC, the Type A master can host up to 124 configurable I/O points or 4 IO-Link enabled smart sensors and 4 additional I/O. The Type B Slim IO-Link master, with the same power capacity, is ideally suited for connecting IO-Link valve manifolds or devices that require galvanic isolation for output power, such as needle grippers.


  • All benefits of IO-Link distributed I/O in compact space
  • 32 bytes of bi-directional data communication per port for smart sensors, measurement devices and high density I/O architectures
  • Up to 124 I/O points per network node with Balluff expansion I/O hubs
  • Built-in network switch for daisy chaining & ring topology networks
  • 2A of output current per channel with 9A max output current
  • Output power is separated from device power on both Type A and Type B port IO-Link masters, enabling switching off in case of safety breach without losing device state
  • Rugged machine-mount design with IP67 protection rating for harsh industrial use
  • Integrated state-of-the-art, full-service web server functionality for IO-Link configuration using IODD files
  • Ease integration with Add-On-Instructions and function blocks available for download
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Balluff I/O Master Blocks