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    Laser Distance Sensors

Laser Distance Sensors

Banner Engineering laser distance sensors combine the alignment advantages of a visible sensing beam with the increased sensing range of a laser. Devices are available with either Class 1 or Class 2 lasers.

Q4X Series Laser Distance Sensors

Banner’s versatile, rugged Q4X laser sensors offer superior performance and are capable of detecting sub-millimeter changes in distance. More than just a laser distance sensor, the Q4X is a problem solver for difficult distance-based applications, including black foam on black plastic, black rubber in front of metal multicolor packaging and targets of all colors.

The new Q4X dual channel laser sensors offer enhanced performance features, including window size and offset control for easier setup of difficult applications, totalizer to reduce PLC programming for high-speed counting and pulse frequency modulation output as an alternative to an analog output. Additionally, the IO-Link point-to-point serial communication protocol allows complete remote accessibility to device and event data and more precise digital data transmission.

The Q4X laser sensor is constructed with robust housing rated to IP67, IP68 or IP69K, allowing use in wet and high-pressure washdown environments, durable FDA-grade stainless steel resists mechanical impact, over tightening, extreme vibration and aggressive cleaning procedures.

Q5X Series Laser Distance Sensors

Q5X background suppression laser distance sensors extend Banner’s portfolio of powerful, problem-solving sensors in a cost-effective device with industry-standard rectangular housing. The new best-in-class laser triangulation sensor features a range from 9.5 cm (4 inches) to 2 m (6 ft. 6 inches), is easy to use, and provides reliable detection of the most challenging targets, even at acute angles.

The Q5X features a durable, cost-effective plastic housing, and an extensive offering of metal protective brackets for the most difficult industrial environments.  With an intuitive user interface, the Q5X sensor is simple to deploy quickly, saving time and costs.

LM Series Laser Measurement Sensors

With best-in-class performance and precision, Banner’s LM Series of laser measurement sensors provide reliable quality and process control with 0.004 mm resolution and repeatably measures targets of varying color and reflectivity. With response speeds as fast as 0.5 ms and a sampling rate of 0.25 ms, the LM reliably solves high-speed applications with fast-moving targets. The LM Series precision measurement sensor offers real-world stability in a compact device with an intuitive user experience.

The LM series can be programmed via IO-Link with the remote teach function, or using the the optional and removable Remote Sensor Display (RSD), which stores up to 6 configurations for product changeover and easy device replacement.

High-performance LTF Series Sensors detect targets regardless of color, material or sheen from up to 24 meters away, straight-on or at an angle. Best in class combination of range, repeatability and accuracy enable highly reliable target detection and precise distance measurement. Durable IP67 housing, high ambient light immunity and stable performance across temperatures provide reliable performance in challenging environments. Available in models with IO-Link communication, which enables remote configuration and monitoring and simplifies wiring, preventative maintenance and device replacement.

The LE series linear array technology provides great performance and resolution regardless of detection objects color or sheen. The LE’s measurement accuracy, ready to measure distances of 100 to 1000 mm, is suitable for controlling, sorting and inspection tasks in quality control. A linear array provides repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets. Includes visible laser for small spot size and easy alignment.

This high-speed, non-contact laser measurement sensor provides accurate and stable displacement or thickness measurement on wood, metal, rubber, ceramic and plastic parts. This extremely accurate, robust and self-contained laser displacement sensor uses a 1024 pixel CMOS linear imager. Precise laser technology provides reliable and accurate measurement. Two sensors self-synchronize for thickness measurements and thickness calculation within the sensors, no external controller required.

This advanced time-of-flight laser sensor offers precise long distance gauging up to 50 m, depending on model, and is also ideal for detecting angled targets. It includes push-button programming for three output response speeds and remote programming for added security and convenience.

This sensor combines laser-like performance with LED safety and economy and is ideal for dry-bulk level measurement, package filling and roll-diameter measurement. It includes visible red models with 50 to 300 mm range and infrared models with 50 to 400 mm range.

LT7 Series 250 m Range Time-of-Flight Sensor

The LT7 uses advanced time-of-flight technology for precise, long-distance gauging with ranges up to 250 m. It is available in retroreflective models with two discrete outputs for extremely long ranges up to 250 m and diffuse models with two discrete outputs and one 4-20 mA output for long-range background suppression up to 10 m.

These short range lasers feature maximum resolution of 3 µm for flat white targets and use ultra-narrow beam for precise measurement. They do not touch parts they measure, and so can be used with moving processes, hot parts and sticky parts. They conserve production space by using a one-piece design.

For more information on Laser Distance Sensors from Banner Engineering, as well as how Power Motion can help, please contact us. We have locations in St. Louis, Kansas City and Little Rock, providing distributor and automation solutions services for Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Southern Illinois, Southern and Western Iowa, Northern Louisiana, Eastern Oklahoma and Northeast Texas. Not all products available in all areas.

Banner Engineering Laser Distance Sensors