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Machine Monitoring

Monitoring machine health in real time is critical to avoid costly unplanned downtime, but detecting small changes in machine performance can be difficult without the right tools. Banner Engineering CM Series wireless nodes provide easy machine monitoring and collection of vibration, temperature and current draw data from electric motors and similar equipment in remote and hard-to-access locations.

These easy-to-deploy nodes can be used to expose machine performance issues, identify equipment requiring full spectrum analysis and establish more strategic scheduling of equipment maintenance. Users can monitor the general health and performance of their equipment, as well as specific components such as motor bearings, brushes and windings. The nodes reduce complexity and make machine and process reconfiguration easier, meaning they’re great for retrofit applications.

Key Benefits

  • Combines wireless radio, antenna, and battery power supply in one compact and easy to deploy wireless device
  • Includes a 20 amp and a 150 amp current transformer
  • Plug-and-play compatible with a current transformer and a VT1 vibration and temperature sensor
  • Communicate data to a Performance Series Gateway or DXM wireless controller
  • Wireless design¬†eliminates the hassle and expense of installing, altering, or expanding wired infrastructure to connect devices
  • Field-proven Sure Cross wireless architecture ensures secure and reliable communication
  • DIP switch configurable
  • Improved internal antenna for extended wireless range
  • 6+ year battery life


  • Rotating asset health
  • Bearing health
  • Pump cavitation
  • Rotor unbalance
  • Winding failure
  • Motor load
  • Compressor failure
  • Energy use monitoring
  • On/off state

CM Series machine monitoring nodes can be used with Banner’s Wireless Solutions Kit for an easy-to-deploy vibration and current monitoring industrial internet of things (IIoT) solution. These solutions make it easy to access and analyze data from each node in the network, establish performance baselines and thresholds, identify trends and issues, and make better decisions.

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Banner Engineering CM Series Machine Monitoring Nodes