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Safety Light Curtains

Banner Engineering safety light curtains protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by creating a sensing screen that guards machine access points and perimeters. Banner offers intuitive, easy-to-use curtains for a wide variety of safety applications.

EZ-SCREEN LS Safety Light Curtains

Type 4 curtains protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by guarding points of operation, access, areas and perimeters. Type 2 light screens are a cost-effective light curtain safety solution for guarding lower-risk applications, where the result of an accident is only a slight injury.

LS Series Full Feature Heavy-Duty Type 4

Intuitive, easy-to-use, feature rich models available in 14, 23 & 40 mm resolutions and up to 1820 mm (6 ft) lengths with no dead zone. Highly visible alignment indicators and intuitive diagnostics simplify set-up and provide machine builders with additional value to meet a wide range of needs.

LS Basic Series Heavy-Duty Type 4 for Simple Applications

Easy-to-use, cost-effective safety light screens used for machine safeguarding and offering the same rugged construction as standard LS screens, as well as many of the same user-friendly features.

LS Safety Light Curtain in IP69K Hygienic Housings

Light screens that resist high-pressure, high-temperature washdown and aggressive chemical cleaning are now available. They are protected by hygienic tubular enclosures and are ideal for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications where maintaining sanitary conditions is critical.

Compact Type 4 Curtains

Banner Engineering offers easy-to-use, compact type 4 safety light curtains with several resolution options available to detect fingers, hands, arms or ankles. These compact safety light curtains are ideal for smaller machines and other space-constrained areas.

LP Series Full Feature Compact Type 4

14 or 25 mm resolutions in a compact, full feature design with no blind zones. The space-saving, compact profile of the EZ-SCREEN LP is ideal for smaller machines, yet robust enough to meet the demands of large power presses.

LP Basic Series Compact Type 4 for Simple Applications

14 or 25 mm resolutions in a compact, basic featured design with no blind zones. LP Basic Safety Light Curtains solve basic applications that require two non-latching safety outputs. They have a compact, low-profile design that fits easily into space-constrained deployments.

SLC4 Series Very Compact Type 4 for Simple Applications

Banner’s shortest, most compact safety light curtains, the SLC4 Series, are now available in 240mm and 320mm models. These new curtains join the 160mm models to provide users with even more options for safeguarding points of access and operation on compact machines and in space-constrained areas.

Perimeter Guarding Type 4 Devices

Banner Engineering offers easy-to use, heavy-duty type 4 grids and points that able to detect a body in a cost effective safety light device. These one to four beam safety light devices are built to withstand harsh industrial environments. SGS safety grid systems are cost-effective multiple beam safety light devices for access and long-range perimeter guarding applications. They are available in emitter/receiver models capable of safeguarding over very long distances and in easy-to-deploy active/passive models that offer additional cost savings.

  • Models available with integral muting for entry/exit conveyors or palletizing cells
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing for tough environments
  • Easy alignment and installation with on-board alignment lamp and indicators
  • Protective defined area heights of 500, 800, 900, or 1200 mm available
  • Up to 60 meter range available for perimeter guarding applications
  • Muting arm kits available to simplify end-of-line packaging applications

Type 2 Safety Light Curtains

This compact optical safeguarding solution is designed for lower-risk applications where risk of injury is limited but some guarding is necessary.

  • Designed for lower-risk applications such as bump or bruise, knock-down, trapping but not crushing, or minor cuts and abrasions
  • Features simple, two-piece integrated system with no control box
  • Detects narrow objects, such as a hand or ankle
  • Offered with 30 mm resolution and 15 m range
  • Provides economical, compact optical safeguarding
  • Meets Type 2 requirements per IEC61496-1/-2 and Category 2 per EN954-1
  • Available in trip (auto reset) or latch (manual reset) models


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Banner Engineering EZ-SCREEN LS Safety Light Curtains