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Vision Lighting

Banner Engineering vision lighting is the key to creating all-important contrast between the feature of interest and its background. Banner has a comprehensive line of lighting solutions dedicated to machine vision applications, providing robust, world-class performance. These lights are built to the same high quality standard as Banner’s award-winning line of vision sensors and are designed to work on any vision platform. Add Banner’s lighting solutions to improve the accuracy and reliability of any vision inspection, regardless of the hardware.

Area Vision Lighting

Banner Engineering area lights create shadows to detect changes in depth, illuminate specific surface angles and avoid glare of reflective surfaces when directed at an angle away from the lens. An area light provides even illumination in a concentrated area. Well-placed area lights can create shadows and glare, allowing the vision sensor to detect the presence or absence of a feature. Available models include continuous or strobed operation, as well as sealed and high-intensity.

Linear Array Lights

Banner linear array lights provide high-intensity, maintenance-free LED illumination of large objects or areas from far away. These lights are available with black anodized aluminum housing rated IP50 and nickel-plated aluminum or 316 stainless steel housing, both rated IP68. They offer the choice of models with infrared or visible red, white, blue, green UV 365 (nm) or UV 395 (nm) LEDs, as well as glass, acrylic or diffusing windows.

Ring Lights

A ring light provides diffused illumination over a small object/area and reduces shadows on images with protrusions. With the lens axis through the center opening of the ring light assembly, the ring light brightly illuminates the area directly in front of the camera and centers the light on the image. These lights connect directly to a vision sensor or an external power supply and are available in a range of styles and sizes, including sealed models for use in challenging environments.


A backlight provides even, low-intensity light, placed behind the target and aimed directly back toward the camera. The resulting silhouette can be inspected for proper size and shape. Banner’s backlights offer a highly diffused surface and uniform brightness. These lights provide the most robust lighting for measuring and gauging, and also highlight through-holes in target objects. They provide a minimum useful life of 10,000 to 100,000 hours.

Spot Lights

A spot light provides extremely bright, even light with a single high-powered LED. Well-placed spot lights can create shadows and glare, allowing the vision sensor to detect the presence or absence of a feature. These lights include a built-in focus ring for adjusting the size of the illuminated spot, and come with three lens options to vary spot size. They offer off-axis illumination of small areas and constant light intensity, even if voltage fluctuates.

Linear Array Backlights

Linear array lights provide high-intensity, maintenance-free illumination of large areas at long distances and are available in three housings: nickel-plated aluminum (IP68), stainless steel (IP68) and black anodized aluminum (IP50). These lights offer the choice of models with infrared or visible red, white, blue or green LEDs, and with continuous or strobed operation, as well as being available with glass, acrylic or diffusing windows.

Low-Angle Vision Lighting

Banner low-angle ring lights illuminate from an angle nearly perpendicular to an object in order to emphasize surface irregularities such as dust, dents, scratches and other surface defects. Low-angle ring lights enhance the contrast of surface features and emphasize changes in elevation. These lights highlight slight height differences such as etching, solder balls and embossing. They provide a minimum useful life of 60,000 hours.

On-Axis Vision Lighting

On-axis lighting provides even, diffused illumination for flat, reflective surfaces and deliver collimated illumination in the same optical path as the camera. A beam splitter directs the light rays along the same axis as the lens. Reflective surfaces perpendicular to the camera appear bright, and surfaces at an angle to the camera and non-reflective surfaces appear dark.

Laser Line Generators

The LLG660 generates a high-quality, uniform laser line (uniformity up to 95% on 100% of the line), making it especially suitable for machine vision applications. This laser line generator features an external user focus mechanism and dynamic line balancing for repeatable performance. Robust thermal management delivers better stability and a longer lifetime.

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