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    Right Angle Gearboxes

Right Angle Gearboxes

Cone Drive power transmission solutions are industry-leading right angle gearboxes for applications that require extremely high torque and precision in a quiet, compact package.

Series HP Right Angle Gearboxes

Engineered and designed for all applications that require extremely high torque and precision in a quiet, compact package. Higher shock resistance, greater endurance to withstand heavy starting and stopping loads, and can easily transmit two to three times as much torque as alternative brands.


  •  Sizes (center distance-inch): 1.5-28
  •  Standard Reduction Stages: Single, double, triple
  •  Interface: inch or metric
  •  Output Torque: Up to 2,900,000 in. lb (327,647 Nm)
  •  Gear Ratios: from 5:1 to 343,000:1 + custom
  •  Input Options: Solid shaft, Nema interface
  •  Output Shaft Options: Solid, hollow, + custom
  •  Backlash Options: Standard, low, zero
  •  Mounting Options: Dedicated mounting orientation

Series HPA Gearboxes

Features the high performance and dependability of Cone Drive’s double-enveloping worm gearing in a universal housing. Offers features ideal for the processing and material handling industries, as well as standard industrial applications.

Series F Stainless

Designed for sterile manufacturing environments with smooth surface and curved contour allowing for easy cleaning and bacteria-free surfaces, perfect for food processing and pharmaceutical applications. Designed and rated to IP69k, providing maximum protection against contaminant ingress as well as leak-free operation.

Series B Right Angle Gearboxes

Reducers providing an economical, flexible, and compact solution to fulfill the low-to-medium power range requirements. With capabilities up to 20HP and output torque up to of 5,000 lb. in. in a single stage, can provide design flexibility with lasting performance.

Duo Drive Gearboxes

Pinch roll reducers using one worm on the power input shaft to turn two gears simultaneously, in opposite rotations. Designed for applications such as cold-roll forming, tube mills and wire mills, where very high torque is needed to smoothly propel metal through high pressure mill rollers.

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Cone Drive Right Angle Gearboxes