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Mitsubishi Electric MR-J5 Servo Systems

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Servo Systems

Mitsubishi Electric servo systems have become one of the most globally respected names in factory automation. The broad range of high quality servo offerings include standard safety features, multi-axis amplifiers, linear and direct drive motors, and world class performance for industrial automation applications.


Setting the standard for performance, the MELSERVO-J5 Series offers cutting-edge technology, industry-leading performance and advanced servo features, allowing users to unlock unused potential in current machines and factories with a total drive solution. MELSERVO-J5 Series high-performance, industry-leading servo amplifiers feature a unique control engine that is more powerful than ever before to help increase the productivity of machines. This series offers flexible system configurations, integration with connectable devices, improved drive system usability and interchangeability with previous generation models.

Built-in functions on MR-J5 servo amplifiers suppress vibrations, predict failures and make troubleshooting and maintenance easier. The MR-J5 series, with single, dual and three axis configurations, allows for precise high-speed servo motor control. These systems feature a reduced footprint and simplify wiring to lower the total cost of ownership. MR-J5 servo motors offer industry-leading performance and an expanded capacity range.

Predictive maintenance capabilities of the MELSERVO-J5 Series are based within the servo itself and are integrated in the base model to unlock the functions. MELSERVO-J5 Series products are among the first servo products on the market compatible with the CC-Link IE TSN high-speed industrial Ethernet network, bringing advanced edge computing benefits and easier IoT adoption. Servo motors are equipped with high resolution encoders (67,108,864 pulses / revolution) to ensure stable positioning and reduced torque fluctuations.

MR-J4 Servo Systems

Mitsubishi’s feature-packed MR-J4 family provides a well-rounded solution to address key customer and machine builder challenges. The MR-J4 delivers top performance with high-speed frequency response, superior synchronization and vibration suppression. Traditionally difficult programming and setup is also simple with built-in positioning, simple cam function, and Advanced One‑Touch Auto-Tuning that really works. Ease of use, high functionality and quality make the MR-J4 servo system a great fit for any application.

The MR-J4 family of products leverages cutting edge technology to provide a high-functionality, high-performance solution with the most flexible amplifier in the Mitsubishi Electric lineup. This family of products has been designed with the user experience, machine performance and the environment in mind to provide a superior servo motion solution.

MR-J4 servo motion systems offer users the platform to build the next generation machines that require the J-series’ hallmark superior performance combined with industry operational safety trends, all the while saving users costly energy and precious real-estate. For valued existing users, the MR-J4 servo motor and amplifier products will be a drop-in replacement for the MR-J3 series products. With a wide range of models and options, these servo systems match individual application needs with ease and comfort.

MR-JE Servo Amplifiers & Motors

The MR-JE family of products leverages advanced functionality such as true one-touch auto-tuning, vibration suppression, and machine diagnosis functionality in an easy-to-use servo solution. In addition, MR-JE-BF series supports advanced motion control features with STO. Meanwhile, together with Simple Motion modules, MR-JE-BF offers high performance using SSCNET III/H network.

MR-JE 200VAC servo amplifiers are available in up to 3kW and offer a network amplifier compatible with both SSCNETIII/H and Modbus RTU, or the general purpose interface which accepts pulse train and analog interfaces. The MR-JE is a flexible and reliable servo solution designed to make startup and adjustment simple with advanced ease-of-use functionality.

MR-JE compatible HG-Series 200V motors provide an ideal pairing with the easy to use MR-JE amplifier. These HG motors feature a 17-bit encoder resolution and leverage advanced features to provide smooth operation and exact positioning for any application.

MR-JN Servo Systems

MR-JN products are easy-to-use, compact servo amplifiers that feature simple operation functions such as true one-touch tuning, vibration suppression, and include two built-in programming options for easy commissioning. MR-JN 100/200VAC servo amplifiers are available in up to 400W and are compatible with pulse train interfaces. MR-JN compatible HF-Series motors are available up to 400W and include two motor types for easy selection based on required capacity or inertia requirements for the best amplifier and motor sizing possible.

TM-R Low-Profile Direct Drive Servo Motors

TM-R Series motors allow for the direct control of a load without the use of more traditional mechanical transmission components (gears, belts, chains, etc.). Combining this direct control with the accuracy of a servo motor allows customers to build more compact, efficient, and precise machines. These low-profile motors are a good fit for applications such as index tables, tool changers and rotary axis for material handling robots.

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Mitsubishi Electric MR-J5 Servo Systems