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Filter Modules

WAGO’s power supply filter modules reliably power fieldbus nodes. Additionally, two new variants offer integrated ground fault diagnostics and go beyond merely protecting the system against high-energy disturbances on DC supply lines, such as those caused by switching overvoltages or inductive loads, and the field supply against transient overvoltages. These multi-purpose modules will help reduce system costs and commissioning time.

In ungrounded systems like marine applications, engineers include a ground fault test device to detect error resistance to earth. However, these devices cannot measure ground faults that are after a power supply because of the inherent isolation in these devices, so a second device is used after the power supply for ground fault detection. These new filter modules with built-in ground fault detection can replace these secondary devices.

WAGO filter modules with built-in ground fault monitor both the +24 VDC and 0 VDC supply connections for impedance to ground. These devices are used after the power supply for ground fault detection. The filter modules carry out the ground fault test only when triggered from the fieldbus, PLC or WAGO-I/O-CHECK software. The test will check the +24 VDC and 0 VDC connection and report if no ground fault is detected, a pre-alarm level of 50 K ohms is detected or an alarm if the impedance is 25 K ohms or less.

The new filters are designed as I/O modules for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, have been optimized for use in systems with insulation monitoring and allow the detection of asymmetrical ground faults in an infeed segment of the 24 VDC field supply. The ground diagnostics are primarily designed for system commissioning or maintenance and must be activated in advance by the user.

The WAGO I/O-SYSTEM 750 is also approved for installation in shipbuilding applications and onshore/offshore installations (e.g., platforms or loading facilities). A 750-626/020-002 power supply filter is required for marine-certified operation of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750. And as soon as an additional 24 VDC field supply is needed in a fieldbus node, the WAGO 750-624/020-002 Field-Side power supply filter also becomes necessary.


  • Increased system availability: Optimized for systems with insulation monitoring
  • Detect and locate ground faults more quickly and easily: Ground fault diagnostics for 24 V and 0 V field power supplies and detection of unbalanced ground faults in an infeed segment
  • Compatible with the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750: An inexpensive, effective and smart solution
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WAGO Filter Modules