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Safety Relays

Banner Engineering industrial safety relays are simple, cost-effective devices that monitor a single safety input device on a machine to ensure safe stop and start functions. Each safety relay module acts as an interface between the machine and a specific safety device, such as an emergency stop button, rope pull, safety light curtain or similar primary safety device.

UM Series Universal Input Safety Relays

Reduce inventory with a single solution for the most common safety devices. The UM Series monitors a wide variety of safety and non-safety input devices:

  • Optical-based safeguarding devices, such as safety laser scanners
  • Positive-opening safety switches used for guard interlocking
  • Emergency stop devices, such as palm buttons and rope/cable pulls
  • Standard sensors for non-safety applications, such as photoelectric monitoring position or end-of-travel

SR-IM Series Interface Safety Relays

Cost-effective SR-IM interface modules provide isolated safety output contacts for primary safety devices with solid-state or hard contact outputs and external device monitoring (EDM) capability. They can be used to expand the available outputs of a safety controller and increase the switching current capacity of low-voltage safety devices to six amps.

IM-T Series Interface Safety Relays

The IM-T Series is a cost-effective option when paired with safety devices with EDM, serving as a relay for primary safety devices with OSSD solid-state or hard contact outputs and external device monitoring, such as the EZ-SCREEN.

ES Series E-Stop and GM Series Guard Monitoring Relays

These relays allow easy addition of a standard e-stop or gate switch and monitor positive-opening emergency stop and interlock switches. The modules monitor up to 10 external devices for contact failure or wiring faults and go into lockout mode if they detect a fault.

AT Series Duo-Touch Two-Hand Control Relays

Complete the two-hand control system with this module and two Banner self-checking touch buttons (STB). The relay monitors the STB buttons and ensures reliability with a diverse-redundant microcontroller circuit and multiple redundant, force-guided (mechanically linked) output contacts.

SM Series Pressure Sensitive Safety Mat Relays

SM Series relays monitor a single 4-wire safety mat or multiple mats in a series. They use a standard 4-wire safety mat or edge triggered by a short in a contact plate or strip.

EM Series Safety Extension Relays

The EM Series add extra safety outputs to a safety relay or controller that provides delayed or immediate outputs and the choice of a 24V DC or 24V AC/DC supply voltage, depending on the model.

SSM Series Safe Speed Monitoring Relays

SSM Series relays monitor two sensors with PNP outputs, checking rotation (RPM) or linear movement. The relay provides over-speed, under-speed and zero-speed detection. Feedback input monitors external machine control elements.

MMD Series Muting Safety Relays

The MMD Series monitors two or four redundant inputs to automatically suspend safety function of a safety light screen during a nonhazardous machine cycle. The relays allow material to move into or from the process without tripping the primary safeguard and suspend safeguarding during hazard-free times in the machine’s cycle.

SC10 Series Safety Controller/Relay Hybrid

The SC10 Series replaces the functionality of two or more safety relays and is easily configured to device and logic needs. This cost-effective, easy-to-use safety controller for smaller machines features an intuitive user interface and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

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Banner Engineering Safety Relays