Assembly machine systems enable high-volume production of automated assembly products. The components we offer can be used in integrated systems that enhance assembly processes and results. Some of our key manufacturing partners in this area are Fortville Feeders, TOX Pressotechnik and DESTACO (whose brands include Robohand and CAMCO).

Key product types:

  • Linear slides and thrusters that can fit single direction or complex motion requirements, for use in pick and place applications with objects of all sizes
  • Rotary motion equipment to support precision device indexing, including rotary indexers, actuators and servo positioners
  • Parts feeding systems offering transportation, loading, sorting and positioning of parts for automated assembly
  • A variety of manual, pneumatic and hydraulic workholding clamps offering quick, secure and distortion-free clamping
  • Modular mounting solutions for vision systems, sensors, lights, monitors, part fixtures, robot applications and more
  • Pedestals, angle plates, and both standard and custom machine bases

Fortville Feeders Bulk Storage Hoppers

Fortville Feeders bulk storage hoppers are designed for easy loading and transfer of heavy parts, fragile parts, multiple parts and more.

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TOX Pressotechnik Electric Press Drives

TOX Pressotechnik electric press drives are modular and easy to configure for multiple applications, with high energy savings and low maintenance costs.

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QC Conveyors End Drive Conveyors

QC Conveyors AS40 end drive conveyors are versatile belt conveyors built on a rigid aluminum frame featuring tee slots for rapid accessory mounting.

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Fortville Feeders End of Line Mechanisms

Fortville Feeders specializes in engineered solutions, especially in end-of-line mechanisms designed to isolate and hand off parts to automated systems.

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Fortville Feeders Feeder Bowls

Fortville Feeders feeder bowls are the best way to sort and position parts for challenging automated assembly applications, with easy maintenance.

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Fortville Feeders Feeder Frames

Fortville Feeders customizes feeder frames to withstand weight, vibration and movement, meeting the demand of customer feeding systems.

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Fortville Feeders Parts Tracking Systems

Fortville Feeders parts tracking systems, including air tracks, are designed to transport and present parts for precision placement.

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Destaco Robohand Pneumatic Grippers

DESTACO’s Robohand parallel and angular pneumatic grippers represent innovation, quality and reliability in gripping solutions for industrial applications.

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Swivellink Robot Pedestals

Swivellink’s high-quality robot pedestals offer well-engineered design, robust welded construction and powder coat finish.

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DESTACO CAMCO E-Series Rotary Indexers

DESTACO’s CAMCO mechanical and servo-based rotary indexers move a variety of products and components with high speed and repeatable, accurate positioning.

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DESTACO CAMCO GTB Servo Positioners

DESTACO’s high-performance, high-accuracy CAMCO servo positioners for light to heavy duty applications offer precise control, efficiency and flexibility.

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Fortville Feeders Sound Enclosures

Fortville Feeders parts feeder sound enclosures are designed to reduce operational noise of feeder bowl systems and keep out airborne contaminants.

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Linear Thruster Slides

DESTACO’s Robohand thruster slides are highly configurable and can be combined with base slides and grippers for a custom pick and place solution.

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For more information on the Assembly Machine Components product category and how Power Motion can help, please contact us. We have locations in St. Louis, Kansas City and Little Rock, serving Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Southern Illinois, Southern and Western Iowa, Northern Louisiana, Eastern Oklahoma and Northeast Texas. Not all products available in all areas.